Check your pantry: This superfood might be hiding in plain sight

Hunt's Pork & Beans

Posted at Sep 17 2019 04:08 PM | Updated as of Sep 17 2019 04:55 PM

Most moms are in search of the best food for their children. It has been a challenge for moms to provide adequate nutrition that their child needs throughout the day. But did you know that beans can be your best bet?

The thing about beans is that they are actually classified as vegetables by the USDA. At the same time, they also fall under the protein food group because of its high protein content. Here are some reasons why you should consider including beans in your child’s diet:

Beans are high in fiber. Like other green, leafy veggies, beans are an excellent source of dietary fiber. They help reduce bad cholesterol, improve gut health, and aid in digestion. They also improve diet quality and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Beans are high in protein. The high protein content helps in muscle building and growth, so much so that some people treat them as an alternative to meat. They also help in the maintenance of body tissues essential for your growing kid.

Beans are nutrient-rich vegetables. The humble bean is also a one-stop-shop for nutrients. They contain iron which helps preserve energy and focus, as well as aid in the production of hemoglobin. They also have manganese for bone health, Vitamin B1 for energy, and folate which is great for the heart.

Beans are versatile. Beans fit into several different food groups, and although they are also rich in complex carbohydrates like breads and starches, it is packed with an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like their veggie companions. And unlike other protein sources, beans provide little to no fat and are cholesterol-free.

Ever imagined your child eating veggies without the trouble? Now, you can introduce beans in your child’s diet through delicious dishes like pork and beans that they’ll surely enjoy!

Each 175g serving of pork and beans has the fiber goodness of your usual veggies. It is equivalent to almost half a kilo of carrots and brocolli, more than half a kilo of squash, and close to a kilo of pechay—and it comes with enough protein to supply your child’s daily protein requirement!

Its rich, thick, and sweet tomato sauce also has lycopene that is known to keep your child’s eyes and bones strong and healthy, improves heart health, is good for the brain, and is also a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cancer.

With Hunt’s Pork and Beans, moms can make sure that their child gets the right nutrients to help them kick start their day. Balancing your child’s diet is no easy task—but a proper diet with the help of Hunt’s Pork and Beans will make mornings healthier for you and your kid!


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