ParentZillas get real with other parents in online discussion

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Posted at Sep 16 2020 03:52 PM | Updated as of Sep 29 2020 12:14 PM


Privy to the public eye, parents have to internally deal with plenty of issues that can be mentally and physically draining. They can be questioning whether they have been effective enough, contemplating about which food is best for their child, or wondering if they are the only parents to do this and that, and so on.

What can be more worrisome is that the answers to these matters may not be easily accessible due to lack of open conversation. But what if there was a platform that genuinely talks about these things? A program set up to help parents feel confident, supportive and resourceful—never evasive and judgmental—that reflects how parents speak without all the front, and acknowledges other realities parents confront on a daily basis.

Enter the show RealTalks Online, intended to get real with parents, by offering medium to expert advice and credible opinions from other real-life parents.

ParenTeam RealTalks

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Much like most parents, the ''ParentZillas,'' the popularized social media moniker of married couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, used to only look after themselves and each other. Then came their beautiful blessing in the form of their daughter, Thylane Katana.

With no experience and no proper handbook to guide them through parenthood, the couple needs all the real-life advice they can get from other parents like them. Only by learning through others can they perpetually succeed in their new roles.

RealTalks does not only open the floor for tips and advice on effective parenting styles for different family setups, but it also promotes comprehensive authenticity in terms of relaying shared experiences—all the good, all the bad, and everything in between. RealTalks does not shy away from concerns that may be deemed sensitive, distressing, or even awkward by some, because it is aware of the simple fact that parenthood is not a perfect journey.

What to expect

From pregnancy routines, marriage interests, and more, RealTalks is diversified to meet the individual real life needs a parent might have at the moment. This can run widely from parenting costs, how to stay fit and other healthy exercises for pregnant women, and keeping the romance alive between couples.

To put it simply, it is all about lending an ear to real-life issues among parents of all kinds, and giving them a hand in handling and managing each one of them.

RealTalks Parenting Confessions

First-time parents, as well as those who have been at it for a while, experience a lot of frustrations while raising a family. They rarely share these things outside of their trusted circle out of fear of being judged as ''bad parents.''

RealTalks Parenting Confessions is a safe space for both old and first-timer parents to air out their frustrations and feel relief that they are not the only ones feeling that way. It is also a way for parents to resolve these frustrations with the help of the ParentZillas and other parents.

Parents who sign up to Wyeth Nutrition ParenTeam can get access to these Parenting Confessions sessions which can be held via Zoom. Solenn and Nico can hold several pocket confessions, with each session tackling different topics such as partner pet peeves, guilty pleasures, etc

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In essence, Wyeth Nutrition ParenTeam strives to become one of the trusted partners in nourishing healthier tomorrows through modern parenting advice from experts, and customizing it to become more in touch with reality through RealTalks, with the ParentZillas and other parents. The podcast offers parenting tips from the discussions, tune in today to start learning them.

One of the legs featured in Wyeth's ParenTeam website is the ParenTeam podcast. All 12 episodes of the first season are already available, listen to experts and different parents talk about what they have learned about parenting in the modern times.

Because there can never be enough days on the calendar to truly recognize and appreciate all the hard work and dedication committed parents put in to make their child the happiest they can be. While they can come off as superhero-like and indestructible, they too need that extra support and help to move forward and become even better.

Team up for a healthier tomorrow, sign up at the Wyeth Nutrition parenTeam here.​

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