Experience seamless gaming, screen time with vivo Y30's battery life


Posted at Sep 16 2020 11:31 AM

With our current health situation, screen time use with gadgets have doubled if not tripled, with everyone cooped in their homes — making smartphones the on-demand resource for outside world access, social updates, and gaming. 

Being glued to the phone screen for the most part of the day, there is a need for a smartphone to withstand varied high-volume and multiple app usage for all types activities — vivo's Y30 model is built for that.

The vivo Y30 is another addition to the roster of global smartphone giant vivo's lineup of models that boast of amazing battery life. Its Ultra Battery feature at 5000mAh keeps it running longer to cater to the multitude of activities possible with the handset—whether it is for crisp quality selfies and photos, or relentless gaming. 

In a test conducted to examine the battery life of the unit, it showed that the Y30 can support at least 9 hours of online gameplay, such as Mobile Legends, at full volume and brightness on full charge. The Y30 also uses a Type-C connector so users can enjoy quick and safe charging.

At a suggested retail price of P9,999, one can enjoy uninterrupted screen time connecting with family and friends through video calls and on social, streaming their favorite shows and movies, and owning the gaming field with ceaseless leveling-up, all made possible with vivo Y30's Ultra Battery life feature.

The vivo Y30 guarantees "Non-Stop Play, All Day" with its Ultra Battery life that can support hours and hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

Get a hand on this smartphone that can keep up with your needs, and experience "non-stop play, all day" with the vivo Y30 available in all vivo concept stores, kiosks, and multi-brand stores nationwide. One can also have it delivered through online purchase via Lazada  for only P9,999. Do not get left behind, be an owner of a vivo Y30. 
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