Marian Rivera shares tips in raising her toddlers


Posted at Sep 15 2022 03:41 PM

 Photo source: NIDO
Photo source: NIDO

Children, especially in their early toddler years, need support in order for them to grow and develop at their best. Parents, family members, and even health professionals need to work together for children to reach their full potential at this life stage.
That is why celebrity mom, Marian Rivera shares how she raises her kids to be healthy, protected, and confident.

Allow them to make mistakes

As they are growing up, make the most developmental milestones during this stage. In their early years, toddlers start to become more independent and are more observant of others' behaviors.

During this stage, adults need to be aware of how they behave and speak around toddlers, as at this stage of life they will try to copy what they see out of curiosity and desire to learn.

Marian ensures that she models the right behavior and action towards her toddlers. She also ensures that when her kids make a mistake, they can learn why it is wrong and how they can improve on it.

"Ine-explain ko sa kanila what happened and bakit mali iyon. Ipinapakita ko rin sa kanila kung ano ang tama. Kasi 'yung mga bata, natututo at kinokopya 'yung ginagawa ng mga nasa paligid nila. Especially tayong parents, the children copy us. Kaya I teach by example," shares Marian. (I explain what happened and why the action they made was a mistake. I also show them what is right. Kids learn from copying and doing what others are doing around them. Especially us parents, children copy us. That is why I teach by example.)

However, Marian also knows that toddlers need space and emotional support for them to become confident to explore on their own. Although she tries to lead by example and by teaching them what is right and wrong, she also lets them make mistakes and lets them learn from it.

"Pinapalaki ko si Zia and Sixto with support and encouragement. Pinapabayaan ko silang i-solve nila ang mga challenges nila. Tinuturo ko na okay lang magkamali. Ang importante is kapag nagkamali ka, you try again, na they learn from their mistakes," shares Marian.
(I raise Zia and Sixto with support and encouragement. I let them solve their own challenges. I teach my kids that it is okay to make mistakes. What is important is that if you make a mistake, you try again, and that they should learn from their mistakes.)

Encourage them to try new things

Marian believes that when children feel safe and supported, they can make mistakes and will be more open to try new things.

"Pinaparamdam ko sa kanila na safe sila, na nandito ako kapag nagkamali sila, na kasama nila ako sa new experiences nila," shares Marian.
(I make them feel that they are safe, that I am there for them when they do make mistakes. I ensure they know that I am there with them in their new experiences.)

She also explains that it is important for parents to encourage children because they are excited to learn. When they feel supported, they tend to focus more and excel on their interests.

Help support growth and development with Total Expert Protection with proper diet and exercise

Toddlers may have a healthy development not only from a safe and loving home, but also from ensuring they receive the right nutrition.

Toddlers need a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, a variety of protein, oils, and dairy products for proper growth and development aside from proper exercise and enough sleep.

Marian shares that she only gives what is best for her children's nutrition that is why she chooses to provide them with a milk that is especially made to support the nutrition of her children according to their needs at their age.

"Kailangang maging discerning ka bilang magulang. Gaya sa gatas, naka-NIDO si Zia at Sixto. Kasi ang NIDO specially formulated by experts para sa needs nila. Lahat naman ng parents gusto nila best ang ibibigay nila sa mga anak nila. Todo best at todo alaga. Sa NIDO 3+, todo sa nutrients na walang added table sugar. Sure akong todo protektado si Zia at Sixto with proper diet and exercise," says Marian.
(As a parent you need to be discerning. Like in the milk that they drink, Zia and Sixto drink NIDO because it is specially formulated by experts for their needs. Every parent wants what is best for the children. Totally the best and total care. With the help of NIDO 3+, total expert protection along with proper diet and exercise, nutrients without added table sugar. I am sure that Zia and Sixto have total expert protection with proper diet and exercise.)

Marian knows that every parent, just like her, wants what is best for their children.

As they go through crucial and overwhelming stages of development the NEW NIDO 3+ & 5+, now with FortiProtectus, helps support respiratory, gut and skin protection, with proper diet and exercise. It also has more DHA for Brain - that is 50% more DHA for NIDO 3+ and 38% more for NIDO 5+ (vs. previous recipe).

Moms can be confident that children are getting the right nutrition with NIDO 3+ & 5+ FORTIPROTECTUS. Photo source: NIDO
Moms can be confident that children are getting the right nutrition with NIDO 3+ & 5+ FORTIPROTECTUS. Photo source: NIDO

With NIDO, moms and parents are confident that their toddlers are provided with the right nutrition and total expert protection, with proper diet and exercise. In turn, this allows them to let go so their children can also be confident to explore the world around them.

"They are growing up to be good persons, at healthy! Important na healthy sila para mag-grow and develop sila fully. Kaya thankful ako na love nila ang milk. Kasi ang NIDO 3+ helps give them the proper nutrients along with proper diet and exercise kaya bilang nanay, kampante ako na they are getting the right nutrients para sa development and growth nila," adds Marian.
(They are growing up to be good persons, and healthy! It is important that they are healthy so that they may grow and develop fully. That is why I am thankful that they love milk. Because NIDO 3+ helps give them proper nutrients along with proper diet and exercise, and as a mom, I am confident they are getting the right nutrients for their development and growth.)

Toddlers who are healthy and protected may grow up confident to explore, learn, and reach their full potential. That is why moms need to support their child's growth and nutrition especially during the crucial toddler years. With their love and the help of total expert protection, moms and their toddlers can grow confident together.

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