Need extra money? Here are 5 side jobs you can try

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Posted at Sep 13 2016 11:42 AM | Updated as of Sep 15 2016 06:32 PM

MANILA – Millennials, who comprise the majority of the workforce today, have a reputation of being go-getters and thrill-seekers. From frequently exploring new places to readily taking on new challenges, the average twenty-something is almost always up for an adventure. But to keep up with all these, one needs money to fuel the hunger for new heights.

“To sustain one’s passion, one should take the financial aspect seriously,” said digital and brand strategist Arriane Serafico of during Sun Life’s #LiveBrighter Forum in BGC last August 17. Without adequate resources, one may end up being confused as to how they could pursue their passions and #lifegoals.

Thus, it is important to find other ways to earn extra money. If you’re among those eager to earn extra bucks, here are some cool side jobs you might like to try:

1.  Sell snacks in your office

Do you have an oven at home? Do you still remember your baking lessons from your Livelihood Education class in high school? Making brownies, cupcakes and cookies can be very profitable, especially if your office is far from coffee shops and bakeries. Apart from being satisfying snacks, these pastries are also very good stress relievers which your co-workers would surely appreciate.

2.  Create handmade crafts and accessories

Your passion for crafting could help you earn some extra cash. Create beautiful handmade crafts and accessories such as bead bracelets and necklaces, and put them up for sale. You only need a small capital for this kind of business, while friends can help you get the word out by promoting your products in their social media accounts.

3.   Participate in white elephant sales

Selling your pre-loved items will not only help you earn extra money, but will also offer you more space in your crib. No wonder “white elephant sales” are fast becoming a trend among people who live in condos or apartments. Up the fun factor by asking some of your friends to join. This way, your sale will have a diverse selection of items.

4. Accept freelance projects

Do you have an eye for taking good photos? Fancy teaching someone how to play the guitar? Or maybe you’re good with words and can write articles? While your day job may be in an entirely different field, you can still utilize your other talents by taking on freelance projects. Check out freelancing sites like and for some opportunities that are up your alley.

5. Become a financial advisor    

Insurance and investments transform lives – including that of the client who is able to ensure a brighter future for his family, and that of the financial advisor who not only earns well, but is also able to enrich her life with a noble profession. Apart from getting a chance to have a positive impact on people’s lives, being a financial advisor can also give you the flexibility that you want to pursue other things that interest you.

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