vivo has 44W Fast Charge for your fast paced life


Posted at Sep 10 2022 08:00 AM

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

Gamers, content creators, students, hardworking employees, on-the-go raketeros , photography enthusiasts, and even busy parents need a smartphone that can help with daily living.

Here are some features that you may want to look for when getting a smartphone:

Recharges quick

Long-lasting battery power is essential for everyone who has a smartphone these days. For non-stop gaming, streaming, watching, content editing, or studying your mobile phone's battery should last long enough for you to enjoy activities and do what needs to get done.

Aside from a long-lasting battery, a smartphone should be able to charge quickly so that you can continue with whatever task you are doing. 

The recently released vivo Y35 smartphone has a 44W Fast Charge capacity. Charging quick as a flash, now users do not have to wait hours to get a full charge. With the right charging conditions the smartphone can charge up to 70% in around 30 minutes. It also has a 5000mAh battery which enables users to work any mobile phone activity much longer.

No more lags with high performance

Taking videos, editing, gaming, working, or even managing a household requires a smartphone that will not let you down when you need it. 

A smartphone should be able to switch between apps without slowing down, so that you can be efficient with anything that you are working on or be strong enough to handle gaming or any activity in your smartphone.

Students who are rushing to finish research or homework, employees needing to complete multiple tasks, content creators editing their content for uploading, or gamers needing a reliable smartphone to win their battle are definitely in dire need of a high performing smartphone.

The vivo Y35 has 90Hz Refresh rate, Snapdragon 680 processor, Multi-Turbo 5.5 - cutting edge qualifications that may support any smartphone task that is crucial to a person's lifestyle.

While an 8GB+8GB extended RAM, with a storage space of 256GB Capacity Expansion up to 1TB, enables users to download multiple apps and run those apps simultaneously without lags.

Gamers may also want to include an audio booster and ultra-game mode for the smartphone that they are looking for. An ultra-game mode sets the entire smartphone to work in such a way that it focuses on optimizing its resource allocation and efficiency to reduce lags, increase system smoothness and stability while the user is gaming.

Smart camera features

The quality of a smartphone's camera needs to be good especially for photography enthusiasts and content creators, but it is also beneficial for on-the-go raketeros, and even students who need to take notes through quick snaps. 

Whatever your lifestyle and needs, make sure that your mobile phone can take high quality photos and videos, during the day and even at night.

With 50MP main camera with a large sensor, Super Night Camera, Rear Camera Video with Electronic Image Stabilization, and Video Face Quality, the vivo Y35 may come in handy with any content that you are shooting – whether day or night, even with unstable hands, these camera features can help you get high quality results of any photo or video shot.

Take clear photos even with unstable hands with the new vivo Y35. Photo source: vivo
Take clear photos even with unstable hands with the new vivo Y35. Photo source: vivo

Trendy design colors and sunlight readable screen display

Our smartphones are now part of our daily outfits. It is always held in our hands and people rarely see us without our smartphones. It is even seen as part of our mirror selfie posts and some even glam up their smartphones to match their nails.

That is why it is important to choose a smartphone that is already stylish right out of the box. It should be fit for any occasion; whether you are in a corporate setup, at school, or even at parties your smartphone should look classy and stylish enough to be part of your ensemble.

Agate black and dawn gold are colors that usually manifest luxury. These elegant and versatile colors are ideal when choosing a smartphone that will match any occasion and outfit.

Also, an eye-catching dual-camera design of a smartphone will add class and elegance. You may also opt to choose a smartphone with symmetrical rounded corners for a comfortable grip.

While a sunlight readable screen display will help you use your mobile device even when outdoors.

Find everything you need in one smartphone

Get all the features that you need: trendy design, high performance, large storage space, smart camera features from day to night, long-lasting battery, and charge quick as a flash with the new vivo Y35.

vivo Y35 is quick as a flash with 44W Fast Charge capability. Continue watching for 14.3 hours or play games for about 7.5 hours, and charge up to 70% in around 30 minutes, depending on the charging conditions.

It is also the first in the Y Series to have 8GB+8GB extended RAM 3.0, 256GB capacity expansion up to 1TB, Snapdragon 680, 90Hz Refresh rate, and an updated Audio Booster. These features allow the vivo Y35 to perform tasks without lags, support more active apps in the background and ensure that you can always switch smoothly between apps.

Gamers can also go into Ultra-Game mode supported by the Multi-Turbo 5.0. The Ultra-Game mode removes distracting alerts and incoming messages. It also disables auto-brightness in games to avoid distractions during unexpected changes in brightness level during the game. This feature also improves CPU, GPU, memory, and IO – all to increase system smoothness and stability.

The new vivo Y35 is suitable for any lifestyle – powered up with a 44W Fast Charge that can charge up to 70% in around 30 minutes. Photo source: vivo
The new vivo Y35 is suitable for any lifestyle – powered up with a 44W Fast Charge that can charge up to 70% in around 30 minutes. Photo source: vivo

The vivo Y35 also has a trendy design, coming in with 2.5D curvature in Dawn Gold and Agate Black colors. It has a lightweight feel with 8.28mm thinness even with a large screen of 6.58-inch FHD+ Display.

Its smart camera features also allow users to take clear selfies day or night with its Super Night Camera. The main camera is a 50MP camera while the bokeh and macro camera is at 2MP, while the front camera is at a high 16MP camera. What is unique with the Y35 is it uses an Electronic Image Stabilization that reduces noise even in low-light shooting conditions.

Every feature needed by gamers, content creators, students, hardworking employees, on-the-go raketeros, photography enthusiasts, and even busy parents are available in one smartphone. So, do not miss out on the convenience of having a smartphone that works for you and your trendy lifestyle.

Check out the new vivo Y35 available in Dawn Gold and Agate Black in vivo stores nationwide or get it for P14,999 SRP at their official e-commerce store, Lazada Flagship Store or Shopee Official Store

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