5 'wais' laundry tips every mom should know


Posted at Sep 06 2018 04:02 PM

Everyday laundry is a difficult and taxing chore for mothers, and the sight of piled-up dirty clothes can sometimes be overwhelming. Small changes in routine, however, could actually make a big difference in saving time, energy, and money when doing the laundry.

Here are a few "wais" tips to help make laundry easy:

1. Get organized

It can be time-consuming to sort used shirts into whites and coloreds before doing the laundry. Time spent sorting can be cut in half with a simple solution--a color-coded laundry basket.

Moms may place a laundry basket at home that has sections for white clothes and colored clothes, then ask the kids to put their dirty clothes in the right section after they change. 

2. Track the socks 

Small fabrics and partnered garments like socks are easy to lose especially when stacked with dirty clothes. Moms can prevent this by clipping a separate mesh bag to the laundry basket. 

All used socks and other tiny pieces of clothing can be placed in the mesh bag to keep them from getting misplaced.

3. One wash per day

Instead of using the entire weekend for laundry, stay-at-home moms can opt to rinse their clothes during the weekdays. Moms may choose to spread the laundry load over the course of the week. 

After taking care of the children, they can allocate an hour or two to wash a small stack of dirty clothes. With this, moms may have the weekend to enjoy with their family.

4. Folding bonding

Folding clean clothes doesn't have to be stressful. Moms can turn folding garments into a happy family activity. Ask the kids to join the folding session while watching your favorite television show or listening to the latest pop songs. With this, moms can teach their kids the good value of helping with household chores as well.

5. Wash with the best detergent 

Choosing the perfect detergent could help lighten the burden of doing the laundry. Moms, choose a laundry detergent that effectively cleans and is fragrant for a stress-free laundry. Try the New and Improved Surf powder with Fabcon, now with active whiteners for a more effective clean and fragrance boosters for a fragrance like no other, perfect for both whites and colored clothes, for an affordable price of P5.25 suggested retail price per sachet. 

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