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Posted at Sep 05 2023 09:00 AM

Photo source: Polident
Photo source: Polident

They say a single smile may change anything. Whenever a challenging or difficult situation happens, Filipinos are known to still smile despite what they are going through.

In an effort to help bring back the beautiful and confident smiles of Filipinos, Polident, one of the leading denture care brands in the Philippines from Haleon, has mounted "Oplan Balik Ngiti Advocacy Campaign".

Launched on March 24, the campaign aimed to provide denture access and educate Filipinos on proper denture care, coinciding with World Oral Health Day. Through partnerships with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and the Philippine Association of Registered Dental Technologists (PARDTI), Polident aims to raise awareness and access to dental care and promote proper denture care and maintenance.
Jeffrey Go, General Manager of Haleon Philippines and Indonesia, values the brand's commitment to improving everyday health, extending opportunities, and making healthcare initiatives accessible to all.

Bringing back Filipino smiles

The Oplan Balik Ngiti campaign primarily revolved around providing 1,000 free dentures to individuals who lack the financial resources to purchase their own dentures, and at least 50,000 existing denture wearers with free denture care kits to help ensure they maintain their oral hygiene.

With the mission to help address the detrimental effects of tooth loss on one's confidence as well as the various aspects of their life, such as financial and social well-being, the campaign spanned over 30 barangays across 10 different cities around the country. These included Manila City, Quezon City, Caloocan City, Muntinlupa City, Dasmariñas, Laguna, Malolos, San Fernando, Cebu City, and Davao City.

A new beam of hope

Polident's #OplanBalikNgiti Advocacy Campaign has imparted knowledge regarding oral hygiene and denture care by working with reputable organizations such as the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and the Philippine Association of Registered Dental Technologists (PARDTI). To further help enhance consumer awareness and education about proper denture care, Polident created a documentary film that showcases real-life experiences of people who have struggled with tooth loss and its subsequent impact on their self-confidence.

Through a series of testimonials, the film sheds light on the difficulties that those who are missing teeth must deal with. It presents a variety of narratives, each of which shows the effects of tooth loss. These consequences include a decline in one's confidence and difficulties in advancing in life, such as financial stability and social relationships.

The heartfelt stories highlight the importance of having good dental health with the help of Polident and its key partners, PDA and PARDTI, as well as the role that dentures play in regaining a person's confidence and transforming lives.

Oplan Balik Ngiti participants

As part of the campaign's efforts, Polident conducted interviews with #OplanBalikNgiti Caravan recipients, aiming to highlight the transformations brought about by the initiative and capture first-hand experiences of its beneficiaries.

Laine Ilagan, a make-up artist, expressed how the free dentures from the campaign had a tremendous impact on her life, instilling confidence, and opening doors to new opportunities. Edong Dimacali, a diligent student, shared how the dentures provided by Polident helped improve his self-esteem and transformed his daily life.

Jeff Diang, a tricycle driver, emphasized the significant effect of having a confident smile "Mahalaga po kasi unang una, nakikita po agad ng tao." (It is important because first and foremost, people see it right away.)

When asked how receiving free dentures impacted his life, he said "Malaki po 'yung nagbago. Nagagawa ko na po 'yung mga hindi ko nagagawa dati. Tsaka bumalik po 'yung confidence ko. Nagagawa ko na pong ngumiti sa mga kausap ko."  (A lot has changed. I can now do things I could not do before. And my confidence has returned. I can now smile when talking to people.)

Lorena Argame, a housewife, highlighted the importance of a radiant smile in her role within the family and social gatherings. "Nakakangiti na ako sa lahat ng tao na nakakasalubong ko. Nakaka-attend na ako sa mga reunion, tapos labas-labas na po kami ng mga kaibigan ko. Dati kasi nasa bahay lang ako.” (I can now smile at everyone I meet. I can attend reunions and hang out with my friends. Before, I used to just stay at home.)

Francis Gravoso, a Barangay Tanod, stressed the transformative effect of the campaign on his community interactions, enabling him to communicate with confidence and find good job opportunities to advance in life. "Malaki po 'yung nagbago mula noong nakatanggap ako ng pustiso sa Polident. Nakakangiti na ako, nakakapaghalubilo na ako sa mga tao, hindi na ako nahihiya kasi may ngipin na ako. Nakakapagtrabaho na ako nang maayos at hindi na ako nahihiyang humarap sa mga tao. Noong bungal ako, medyo nahihiya ako. Ngayon hindi na po." he said.
(A lot has changed since I received the dentures from Polident. I can smile now, I can socialize with people, I am no longer embarrassed because I have teeth. I can work properly, and I am no longer shy to face people. When I had missing teeth, I was a bit embarrassed, but now I am not.)

By providing dentures and promoting oral health awareness, the campaign has helped empower individuals, restored their confidence, and enhanced their overall quality of life.

The brand's commitment to expanding opportunities for good health and making healthcare initiatives readily available to the broader population shines through initiatives like Polident’s Oplan Balik Ngiti, leaving a lasting positive impact on the oral health and well-being of Filipinos.

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