How this millennial entrepreneur uses art to help build a better world


Posted at Sep 05 2018 02:58 PM | Updated as of Sep 17 2018 04:25 PM

In order to have a more meaningful impact, it is important for a person to have the confidence and drive to help make the world a better place to live in.

While some have chosen to use art to spread their message, others work with organizations or use their business to enact social change.

Start-up co-founder Lara Rapanan, for example, uses both art and business to help lay the foundation for a better world.

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Rapanan is the co-starter of Habin PH, a start-up that harnesses the potential of traditional Filipino artistry towards fun, functional, and unique fashion staples.

She has also launched Munimuni Studio, where she underscores the beauty of ethically-made wearables and of local craftsmanship.

"I'm very fortunate and grateful that I'm able to do what I love doing," she said.

Through her projects, she preserves local culture while providing a sustainable livelihood for herself and for others.

It is fulfilling, she describes, to be able to venture into projects that are close to her heart.

"I used to do the traditional 9 to 5 corporate job," she said. 

"But it's only when I decided to pursue my passion projects full-time that I started waking up each morning with even more enthusiasm than the previous day," she said.


Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

According to Rapanan, as a woman, working with other women in the business industry is a great opportunity.

"It’s amazing to see a strong and diverse community of women entrepreneurs, especially locally, who pursue their passions and try to affect change in their own ways," she said.

Despite each one's differences, the collective goal of women shapes the local entrepreneurial scene, she said.

"It’s very humbling and inspiring to be part of such community."

Just like any other budding entrepreneur, Rapanan admitted that she faced challenges in handling her businesses.

"Factors such as proximity, access to communication, differences in opinion, and variances in perception of design and quality, but all these make the work meaningful and worthwhile," she said.

She noted that every hurdle is a chance for her to strengthen her ventures.

Despite these obstacles, she continues to stay true to her purpose.

"I'm relentless in pursuing to showcase Filipino artistry in both local and global settings," she said. "This forces me to be better every day and overcome any setbacks that come in the way."

Her confidence to do well in her career boosts her dedication to shape the local fashion industry.

She has defied the challenges in every nook and cranny of her business -- from ensuring the quality of their products to handling different kinds of people -- but one problem worried her.

She admitted that her self-esteem sometimes plummets due to perennial hair problems.

"My hair highly affects my confidence and how I carry myself in my day-to-day activities," she said.

In an industry that requires one to be at the top of their game, it can be difficult to have to deal with an issue such as hair fall, as it can erode confidence and self-esteem, in turn impeding one's focus. Thus, for Rapanan, preventing hair fall from recurring is a must.

"It can sometimes be frustrating to see hair on the ground, on my work desk, on the car seat—and basically everywhere...Hair fall also manages to affect my confidence and, in turn, my daily productivity," she said.

To combat these worries, she started using Dove, which is formulated with the right ingredients to help prevent hair fall.

"Living without hair fall is absolutely liberating. I can move and work freely without worries," she said.

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

"I'm more confident and more productive," she added.

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