Let your colored hair be runway-ready every day


Posted at Sep 04 2019 11:41 AM

Let your colored hair be runway-ready every day 1

Here you go again. As your attention is snatched by yet another gorgeous model with an equally gorgeous flock of luminous hair on a fashion show, a passing thought clouds your head, wondering how rad it would be if every waking day were not synonymous with a bad-hair day.

Oh, the long list of trouble involving bad hair, dry hair, hair that’s too curly, too straight, too short, too long, falling hair, split ends... Not to mention the plight with colored hair. Honestly, why does it have to fade so fast, right? Aren’t regrown roots enough inconvenience? One thing’s for sure though, colored hair is definitely not for the lazy. It requires consistent care, extreme maintenance, and a competent budget for frequent salon visits.

You hold that thought when, lo and behold, you browse online to find out such dreadful colored hair days are officially over. The Philippine hair industry and your hair history will never be the same again, now that the new TREsemmé Pro-Color Series is modified to target unique color needs with favorable results through its advanced premium color care technology.

TREsemmé’s Pro-Color Series is a hair care solution that does not only get the job done, but also ensures salon-colored hair stays and lasts longer through its two variants.

Let your colored hair be runway-ready every day 2

For colored hair, TREsemmé introduces Color Radiance. It has the first-ever anti-fade, color-lasting technology from TREsemmé. This formula locks in color vibrancy wash after wash, leading to less color leaching over time. While other color care products only claim vibrance and shine, Color Radiance promises that and color retention twice longer.

For light or bleached hair, TREsemmé has Blonde Brilliance, with purple formula. This key ingredient, which prior to today was only dominant in salons, has always been identified by the beauty community as a "life extender" of blonde/platinum/grey colored hair.

With Blonde Brilliance shampoo and conditioner being infused with purple formula, toning light hair is now available even in the comforts of your own home.

Additionally, both Color Radiance and Blonde Brilliance come with jojoba oil, popular for being a natural hair moisturizer that adds shine to dull hair and keeps frizz away.

Let your colored hair be runway-ready every day 3

The dreadful colored hair days are over. Now, you can save time, money, and effort as you cut your touch-up trips to the salon when you start investing in a trusted hair care solution that pilots unwavering color confidence that radiates. For colored hair that is runway-ready every day, trust only TREsemmé Pro-Color Series.

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