Relevance of rebates in the new normal


Posted at Sep 03 2020 10:36 AM

Relevance of rebates in the new normal 1

As the country shifts to the new normal, people should also start shifting to a more convenient and relatively safer way to purchase their essentials without exchanging cash. One of the ways is with a credit card. This tool is ideal at this juncture when social distancing is highly encouraged as it offers contactless and cashless payment with every purchase. Aside from the fact that it lessens physical contact in the market, it is also very quick to use because with just a single swipe or tap, people can already buy products and track expenses online or offline. 

Best thing about credit card utilization is that it can give users the benefit of earning rewards or rebates—a percentage of their money back—that can be of great use especially in these trying times. In simpler terms, cardholders can earn back a portion of their money when they spend using their credit cards. Exciting, right?
From July 16, 2020 to October 15, 2020, new Metrobank cardholders or those who have not applied for one in the last 6 months can enjoy the Rainy Days Rebates Promo that offers them an exciting perk—they will receive a major rebate as welcome gift when they spend at least P30,000 anywhere.
In this promo, new premium Metrobank cardholders can enjoy a P5,000 rebate while new non-premium Metrobank cardholders can get a P3,000 rebate. Plus an additional P500 if they apply online. 
Upon reaching the required P30,000 spend, qualified cardholders will receive a participation code via short message service (SMS) containing the redemption link and promo code assigned to them. 
The P5,500-worth of rebates for new Metrobank cardholders can indeed come a long way especially at a time when people need to maximize their earnings and be always equipped with their essentials. With this, they can already conveniently purchase their needs and be rewarded with more money to pay for their expenses.

For more details, visit Metrobank's promo merch website.

Apply for a new Metrobank Card at or chat with Mia on Facebook Messenger for more inquiries.

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