Stay fresh and confident even during the rainy season


Posted at Sep 03 2018 11:58 AM | Updated as of Sep 03 2018 12:20 PM

With the monsoon rains lingering on, one has to be ready--whether that be for a long, wet commute to and from work, or even getting stranded in the metro. 

Regardless of the day's weather forecast, it's best to be prepared and pack a rainy-day survivor's kit, which you can bring with you wherever you go. 

Here are some essentials that you should never forget:

1. Change of clothes

Even when it's not rainy, it's best to pack an extra shirt or even an outfit in case of food spills or sweat. A nice, cool cotton shirt in basic colors is always a safe bet. 

2. Umbrella

Another all-weather must-have, an umbrella will not only prevent you from getting soaked by the rain, it can also protect you from the intense sun when walking around the metro. 

If you don't like the bulky types, choose a compact, automatic type. Keep it handy in your gym bag or kit.

3. Raincoat

Rain boots can be heavy, so instead, invest in those durable, plastic covers that you can pull up over your shoes and pants. With these, you can safely wade through wet roads, puddles and flooded streets. Another useful and super lightweight piece is a plastic raincoat. 

4. Blackwater Deo Soap and Deo Mist

After coming from the outdoors--especially from the rain and heat--it's best to remove all of the dirt and bacteria, which can lead to illness. 

Use Blackwater Deo Soap, which is an anti-bacterial soap to give you that boost of confidence and extra layer of protection. In addition to helping you feel cool and smell fresh, it kills the germs that can cause body odor. 

Blackwater Deo Soap also has moisturizing properties, so your skin feels strong and smooth regardless of the weather.

To enjoy lasting freshness, the Deo Soap is best used with the Blackwater Deo Mist. Just a spritz of this fresh scent can have you feeling more confident in an instant!

The Deo Soap and Deo Mist come in array of cool, trendy scents so you can choose the fragrance that best fits your personality. 

Pack this #DynamicDeo in your rainy-day survivor's kit or even your everyday grooming kit and gym bag to ensure that you’re always fresh and well-groomed no matter the occasion or weather situation. 

Should you find yourself without them, no worries as these can be found in all major supermarkets and malls across the metro. 

Even during those weather emergencies, feel confident as you stay fresh. Pack these to ensure good grooming. With Blackwater, you're always prepared.

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