‘Iwas-kulob’ tips for moms this rainy season


Posted at Sep 03 2018 03:03 PM

During the rainy season, doing the laundry becomes a dreaded and tiring chore for Filipina moms. In the absence of sunny days, moms result to drying their laundry inside their homes, which often leaves them with a "kulob" or musty smell.
Indoor drying without sun and fresh air leaves laundry damp, causing a musty smell to linger on the fabric. Moms could put an end to this rainy season dilemma with the help of these tips:

1. Open the windows

On rainy days, moms are left with no choice but to let the laundry dry inside the house. To prevent a stuffy "kulob" smell, open the windows in the room where the laundry rack is situated. This helps increase room ventilation with natural air and eventually removes the moistness from the clothes.

2. Clean the washing machine

The continuous use of a washing machine without proper maintenance may also contribute to stinky laundry. Make sure the washing machine is squeaky-clean by conducting an intermittent water-only cycle in it. After the cycle, leave the cover open to allow the inside shelf to dry properly.

3. Wash with the right detergent

Doing the laundry with the proper detergent is key to achieving no-musty-smell laundry this rainy season. No matter how long the rainy season is, the right detergent could help keep laundry from developing a foul odor. Detergent brands known for long-lasting fragrances such as Surf have, in addition to effective cleaning and whitening properties, a variety of unique scents that guarantee fresh and clean smelling clothes even during this season.

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