5 Sweet Little Ways to Reward Yourself During a Stressful Week

Swiss Miss

Posted at Sep 02 2016 03:09 PM | Updated as of Sep 06 2016 06:21 PM

MANILA -- At the end of the work day, we all deserve a relaxing treat.

Often times, we forget to reward ourselves for working too hard. Simple joys, however, could go a long way, especially for those who spend most of their time at their workplace.

Depriving yourself from enjoying even seemingly ordinary treats can lead to stress, which can soon turn into job burnout and even depression.

To avoid that, here are five simple treats you can reward yourself with every day:

1. Desserts

Everyone loves dessert. After a hard day, wouldn't it be great to give yourself something sweet?

Desserts, which contain a high level of sugar, can boost your energy. It also feels good to have something to complement your dinner.

2. Soup

After spending all day at work, warm yourself with a bowl of hot ramen or congee. Apart from stuffing your tummy, these will also relax your senses, allowing you to enjoy a good night's sleep.

3. Movie/theater show

While having a routine is a good practice, it is also good if you do something different sometimes. Try leaving work early to catch a movie or theater show.

Apart from allowing yourself to explore a different world, watching a movie or a theater production may also give you a chance to socialize and meet new friends.

4. Full body massage

Even sitting in front of the computer all day can be very tiring. So pamper your body with a full massage to relax your muscles and joints.

It is also nice to visit the sauna once in a while to detoxify and help improve circulation.

5. Swiss Miss

If you're looking for a sweet treat and a soothing hot drink, grab a cup of Swiss Miss, which is the favorite chocolate drink of TV host and actress Anne Curtis. It's her simple pleasure after a day of taping, hosting, singing, dancing, and more. It keeps her feeling rewarded at the end of a hectic day.

Available in four flavors, a mug of Swiss Miss is an easy, delicious way to treat yourself or share a moment with your family. You can have it hot or cold, or even use it as a main ingredient for your dessert.

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