Parenting as an OFW: Back to school tips


Posted at Aug 31 2022 12:37 PM

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Photo source: Pexels

Back to school can be a time of mixed emotions, with children feeling both anxious and excited to be reunited with their friends after being at home for two years during the pandemic. 

However, as schools and face-to-face classes begin, many kids have different apprehensions and may not be looking forward to it as much. This is why their parents, guardians, and teachers play a big role in making this transition easy for them. When adults and family members are able to guide their child during these big and small moments in life, it brings a sense of reassurance that everything is going to be alright and that they are not alone during these moments.

For children with parents and family abroad, going back to school may be a very different scenario. The strain of being apart can be lessened if children and parents know they will be able to stay connected and have a close relationship even from many miles away.
In this article, we will give you some tips to help ease your children into the new school year as a long-distance parent.

Keep in touch frequently

In the past, Filipinos abroad had to use phone call cards and line up at telephone booths to make costly long-distance calls just to hear the voice of their loved ones. Fortunately, nowadays, technology has provided cost-free, Internet-enabled communication services like social media, text messaging, and free calling apps that they can use not just for messaging and voice calls, but also for video calls, which is the next best thing to actually being there in person.

With this type of technology, Filipinos abroad can talk to their kids through a video call whether it is before they head to school, exchanging messages or photos during their break time, or asking them about their day in the evening. 

Having this constant communication with kids will help comfort them, knowing that their parents are there to support them all throughout. In addition, it will also help parents and even family members abroad to still spend quality time with their kids during this new chapter of their lives.

Be in the loop with their academics

With homework and group projects on top of traveling to and from school, weekdays can get busy and challenging for kids who have been away from it for so long. Parents and loved ones abroad can help ease the pressures that come with this hectic period by supporting them even from abroad.

Even when parents are away, they will still be able to monitor schoolwork with video calls, screen sharing, or even use online messaging if they want to ask some simple questions such as how they are doing - as if they are in the same room.

Not only will this type of technology help with schoolwork, but it can also help build a stronger relationship between parent and child as they go through this journey together.

Moreover, through video calls the parents and family abroad can also check on the child's academic performance and even reward them for their efforts with simple gifts to encourage them to stay motivated in school.

Stay involved in children's activities and interests

During weekends, family members can bond with kids over a movie or TV show, which they can watch and stream together online. They can also play online games together online, allowing for fun moments to be shared together even when miles apart.

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