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Posted at Aug 27 2021 03:26 PM | Updated as of Aug 27 2021 05:00 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

Emerging trends can shape the future. Its influence is undeniable, may it be in technology, fashion, and culinary arts. Knowing these trends can greatly aid a business, both big and small, in attracting customers and staying ahead of its competition. 

Since 2000, McCormick's signature Flavor Forecast has pinpointed top trends and flavors – from those on the verge of widespread appeal to subtle undercurrents just beginning to materialize. Knowing the struggles of restaurants and food providers across the globe, the company was inspired to help food businesses stay ahead of industry trends and give their customers more reasons to come back with new and exciting flavors. 

McCormick's Together, We Flavor webinar is helping entrepreneurs create sales-driving dishes and signature meals for their food businesses. Photo source: McCormick Facebook Page [LINK OUT:
McCormick's Together, We Flavor webinar is helping entrepreneurs create sales-driving dishes and signature meals for their food businesses. Photo source: McCormick Facebook Page

On September 2, 2021, McCormick is introducing its 21st Edition Flavor Forecast through a webinar called Together, We Flavor. This gathering of the country's leading food entrepreneurs and business experts aims to help local food business owners survive and thrive in the current landscape. 

With a taste for tomorrow's standout flavors, the Flavor Forecast 21st Edition continues to connect people to the flavors and ingredients that delight the senses and bring together cooking and eating experiences from around the globe.

The webinar will focus on the following flavor forecasts.

Plants Pushing Boundaries

Plant-based dishes are no longer just limited to vegans or vegetarians, more and more restaurateurs are embracing this concept. From simply adding kale and other greens to smoothies for their nutritional benefits, people are now reimagining the make-up of their plates by moving veggies from the sides to the main dish.

It has also been found that the colors, flavors, and texture of plants can greatly heighten the eating experience.

Humble Nosh 

In a time when many are seeking order and comfort in their lives, food delivers the nourishment people are craving. They seek familiar 'nosh' that have the power to give ''the warm fuzzies'' with each bite or sip.

It allows people to look at food and find the desire to seek something new, creative, and delicious, as well as indulge in comfort foods like snacks and street food.

Underwater, Under Discovered

The deep blue sea offers limitless potential when it comes to ingredient innovation. Sustainable and nutritious, seaweed is already having a moment in the spotlight. 

Saltwater and Sea Botanicals are just a few of these wonders reinventing snacks, seasonings, cocktails, and even charcuterie boards. Underwater Botanicals offer a fresh, earthy flavor to savory meals and cocktails, while saltwater brings a fresh and briny bite to food and beverages.

Physiological Eating

With the reemergence of mindful eating and intentional ingredients inspired by ancient practices and beliefs, the focus to achieve mind-body balance has shifted directly to flavorful ingredients in efforts to adapt to the ever-changing world.

When it comes to ancient approaches to health and wellness, like the Ayurvedic practice, it is thought that balancing the six tastes results in greater mind and body satisfaction. In Ayurvedic practice, nutritious food, herbs, and spices are used to maintain the balance of elements in the body.

Join McCormick's Together, We Flavor webinar to innovate, promote, and sustain your food business.

Using these flavor forecasts, food business owners can create signature and sales-driving dishes to make meals memorable for every customer. 

To further help SMEs thrive in the current landscape, McCormick also invited top chefs and business experts to talk about merging the gap between food innovations and business strategies.
Chef RV Manabat will talk about how to stay competitive during these tough times while exploring food innovations that are cost-efficient and appealing to the market. On the other hand, Chef Carlo Miguel will give the audience food delivery strategies and safety protocols to safeguard the quality of their products.

The president and co-founder of David & Golyat, Miko David, will give his insights on getting ahead of the online race by promoting and marketing through digital means.
Both Chef Mikel Zaguirre and Chef Angelo Comsti will also be present to talk about the future of food and how businesses can get ahead in the long run. 
With all these topics in the lineup, McCormick Culinary Philippines hopes to become a partner and mentor for local food businesses, especially during these difficult times.

Anyone who wants to create and craft the best flavor experiences for their business can register here

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