Get #HatawSaGalaw confidence, move without limits


Posted at Aug 27 2021 10:35 AM

With the Philippines' hot weather, sweating, discomfort, and body odor caused by the heat are not uncommon. This can also contribute to everyday pigil moments due to baskil or asim-pawis, holding you back from doing more of what you love to do. 
Every day pigil moments could be as simple as not getting your favorite grocery item because it is located on a tall shelf or waiting for a long time on a curb because you could not confidently hail a ride. You can even experience an unsteady trip as you feel awkward holding the handles in a jeep or MRT. 
Simply raising your arm in public becomes a self-conscious movement as you fear people associating you with baskil or asim-pawis
Even those working or studying from home are not always safe from this. Being conscious of raising your arms can limit your class participation or even make you seem unenthusiastic in your work presentation. 
What makes it harder is that these moments cannot be avoided by just showering or using fragrances. 

Get #HatawSaGalaw confidence, move without limits 1
Every day pigil moments can hold you back from achieving more and doing things you love. Photo source: Rexona YouTube channel

Whatever the situation, Rexona encourages people to go all-out regardless of the factors that can cause one's self-confidence to go down. Using Rexona Powder Dry and Ice Cool can help give you all day freshness for that boost of confidence.

Rexona's products can help both men and women move with confidence as it offers up to 48 hours of sweat and odor protection. Photo source: Rexona website

Stop the fear of baskil or asim-pawis from holding you back from doing the things you love doing. Use Rexona after every bath for all-day freshness, turning pigil moments into #HatawSaGalaw moments. 
To know more, visit Rexona's website or Facebook page. #HatawSaGalaw 

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