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Posted at Aug 23 2023 01:14 PM | Updated as of Aug 24 2023 01:39 PM

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Transform lives as a Kumon franchisee, sign up herePhoto source: Kumon Philippines

When it comes to the business of franchising, the first things that would probably come to mind for many would be a restaurant, a coffee shop, or perhaps a food stall.

But have you ever considered education franchising? It is a type of franchise that goes beyond business and financial gains as it gives a unique opportunity to help support the dreams and goals of children and make a significant impact on their lives. 

 Transforming lives through education franchising

Kumon, a global education franchise with over 60 years of continuous opportunity and growth, has established itself as one of the leading educational franchises in the country. With 300 centers already established in the country, the education center continues to strive to open more centers, providing the opportunity to learn with the Kumon method.

Becoming a Kumon instructor-franchisee

At the heart of the Kumon franchise opportunity lies the aspiration to help create a positive impact in the lives of children. Aspiring Kumon instructor-franchisees have the unique chance to pursue their passion for teaching and education while running a viable business that helps address the educational needs of their communities. 

The Kumon instructor's mission

Kumon instuctor-franchisees take on a pivotal role in nurturing children. Their mission is to help enable young minds to live their lives to the fullest, with dreams and goals, and a willingness to face challenges with enthusiasm. Each child's growth and development will be valued, acknowledging their achievements, and encouraging them to take on new challenges.

Innovation and digital transformation

Education franchises also have the opportunity to expand their reach beyond physical locations through online platforms.

Kumon embraces innovation and digital transformation, offering accessible study options such as online learning, as well as hybrid study options to cater to the different needs of students.

Instructors are also given continuous learning opportunities through local and international webinars, as well as hands-on marketing training.
Qualifications to become a Kumon instructor-franchisee

Becoming a Kumon Instructor-Franchisee is an opportunity open to individuals who are passionate about education. To qualify, applicants should fulfill the following criteria:
• College or university graduate
• Have good Math and English skills (an examination is given on the date of the orientation)
• Preferably 25-45 years of age
• Enthusiastic to help children
• Have excellent interpersonal skills (interview required)
• Willingness to commit full-time to Kumon
• Holds a Filipino Citizenship

Franchise application procedure

For those who wish to open their own Kumon Center, here are the steps to follow:

Sign-up and access the Virtual Franchise Orientation
• Register and attend a consultation meeting with the Franchise Recruitment Manager
• Pass the test and online Training
• Have your location approved
• Open your own Kumon Center

Franchise fee and initial capital

For those interested in taking up the Kumon franchise opportunity, the initial capital investment ranges from P350,000 to P1,000,000, depending on the location. This investment covers rental deposits, business permits, renovation costs, furniture, staff, utility expenses, and the franchise fee.

The franchise fee, which includes a Provisional Franchise Fee and Starter Kit, is P28,000, payable upon signing the Franchise Agreement. This amount is included in the initial capital investment.

More than just a business venture

Education franchising is more than just a business venture. It is a chance to contribute to the future of education and to make an impact in our society.

Are you ready to empower young minds in your community? Join the Kumon family and be part of a movement that helps transform futures and shapes the world one child at a time, sign up here.

To know more, visit Kumon Philippines' official website and Facebook page.

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