What being an educator means in 2021


Posted at Aug 20 2021 11:37 AM

Photo source: Envato Elements
Photo source: Envato Elements

Every occupation has experienced some sort of change in the last 16 months or so. In the field of education, the shift to remote learning was quick and educators have risen to all the challenges that came with it. While face-to-face interactions have lessened, the digital landscape has made it possible to continue teaching, and the human need and passion to educate have proven to be strong than the limitations brought by the situation.

The routines of educators have changed—from teaching methods to teaching platforms—and yet the world is expecting the same results: effective, efficient, and holistic service. And as it always has, this is what being an educator means in 2021. 

It means nourishing minds from a distance

At its core, being an educator means nourishing minds. Current restrictions have made this quite difficult for everyone, but educators are trying their best to make the most out of teaching using new platforms. 

Educators have risen to the challenge that was handed to them and are delivering the same standard they are held up against. They have continued nourishing student's minds with academic lessons and have helped them grow in character during unprecedented circumstances. 

Photo source: Envato Elements
Photo source: Envato Elements

It means to continuously learn

Traditional education has transitioned to online learning, and with this shift, educators have had to learn ways to utilize new technologies to deliver everything they have to impart to their students. But while various platforms have become available for use, the learning curve for teachers has not plateaued.

As teleconferencing apps and learning platforms continue to evolve, so do the educator and the student. 

Photo source: Envato Elements
Photo source: Envato Elements

It means going beyond the (digital) classroom

When students succeed, educators know that they have succeeded as well. It is the very reason why award ceremonies and graduations are such a celebrated occasion. Beyond the books, equations, and answered worksheets, success from an educator's point of view means seeing students grow into the best people they have the potential to be—with a little help, encouragement, and confidence-building. 

It is about the skills and values that educators impart and the practical lessons that can be practiced outside the classroom setting. It becomes the students' characters, their purpose, and their biggest asset. 

Now, as it always has been, being an educator is much more than what it is on paper. It is a career that is as tiring as it is fulfilling, as rewarding as it is demanding, and as worthwhile as it is honorable. 

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