Ways to upgrade your me time at home

Ever Organics

Posted at Aug 11 2020 11:36 AM

As the situation pushed many to remain indoors, people are coming up with different ways to keep themselves safely entertained. And as many have discovered, staying at home can also be fun and exciting when one knows the right pursuits to engage in—with these activities, they do not even have to call for a companion as these are made to ensure that they can spend their "me time" leisurely. 

Here are some ways to level up your alone time at home:

1.    Make your own movie time snacks 
Save money on fast food and delivery by learning how to create your own snacks as you binge-watch your favorite television shows and movies. Not only will this increase your cooking skills and allow you to experiment according to preference, but it will also make you feel more productive and that time is spent worthwhile.

2.    Declutter your personal space
Start letting go of things that no longer "spark joy" and no longer serves you any purpose. Reprogram your area by disposing items that are too old to use or is just taking up unwanted space in your closet or room. If you are feeling up to it, you may even initiate a donation drive or garage sale to turn your trash into cash. 

3.    Treat your skin with Ever Organics products 

No need to have an expensive and complicated skincare routine as you can start your very own affordable regimen at home. Give your skin what it deserves with Ever Organics, Ever Bilena's Korean skincare line that is inspired by nature's organic remedies. 

Try out these three Ever Organics products to boost your skincare routine:

The Ever Organics Collagen Sheet Mask revitalizes, smoothens, and boosts skin elasticity for a youthful glow. There are five other more sheet masks in variants of Green Tea, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Charcoal, and Snail that are all calming and soothing to the face. 

The Ever Organics Ice Jeju Aloe Face Mist is ideal for dry and sensitive skin as it is packed with Aloe Leaf Extract which helps soothe skin from sun damage, and Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum, the cooling ingredient that helps fight against skin aging. This face mist is also available in Aloe Vera. 

The Ever Organics Tomato Glass Skin is a gel lotion infused with 95% tomato extract that brightens and revitalizes dry or irritated skin and aids in maintaining a healthy and youthful glow. You can also end your beauty routine in a refreshing way with this soothing gel in variants of Aloe or Jeju Aloe Ice. 

All of the Ever Organics products are available in Lazada and in select SM Supermarkets, HyperMarket, Savemore, and Waltermart nationwide. 

To know more about Ever Organics, visit its official Instagram page. #EverOrganicsPH #WhatYourSkinDeserves

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