Tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway

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Posted at Aug 09 2018 11:42 AM | Updated as of Aug 09 2018 01:06 PM

Whether you are planning to go on an exciting solo trip or a much awaited vacation with the family this weekend, a certain amount of planning is needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

What you do before you leave home is just as important as what you do while you are away, to keep things safe and organized both in and outside your home. 

It is a good idea to know what needs to be taken care of prior to every trip, whether it's having a mental checklist or an actual piece of paper that can help you be prepared even for last-minute challenges that pop up before you leave.

Knowing what you need to do before, during, and after you travel is also the smartest way to a stress-free trip.

(As early as one week to 48 hours before your trip)

1. Prepare your documents

Tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway 1

Regardless if you are going to a local destination or out of the country, make sure to have a photocopy of your IDs or passport; a printout of your hotel, resort, or AirBnB reservation; and any other pertinent documents you might need during your trip. It is also good to keep soft copies on your phone.

2. Secure the house

Tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway 2

Make sure that your locks and windows are working and secured, and replace them if needed. It might help to inform a trusted neighbor or the building management--if you live in a condo--about your trip so that they can keep a close watch on your property. Leave contact numbers so they can easily contact you.

3. Prepare a budget

Tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway 3

If traveling to another country, call your bank to inform them of your destination so you can use your credit card abroad if necessary. If going to an unfamiliar local destination, know where the closest branches of your bank are so you can withdraw money if you run out of cash.

(Day of departure)

1. Pull plugs out from electrical outlets

Tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway 4

Save money and energy, and lessen the chances of a fire by unplugging appliances while you are away. You can also consider turning off the water and consuming food in the fridge to avoid spoilage. 

2. Prepare an itinerary, particularly for Day 1

Tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway 5

Settling in upon arrival can eat up a chunk of your vacation's first day. To make more efficient use of time and help set the tone for the rest of your trip, it would help to prepare ahead of time a list of the things you want to do, and the places you want to see, starting from Day 1.

3. Check kitchen appliances

Tips for a hassle-free weekend getaway 6

It is important to check everything in the house before you leave for an extended period of time to avoid accidents. Do not forget to check your kitchen appliances, and shut off your LPG tank's connection to the range.

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