#ComebacktoMami: Food recommended by influencers


Posted at Aug 08 2022 03:22 PM

Food For Tata shares the experience with Chowking Wonton Mami's return. Photo source: @Sheroseontimare
Food For Tata shares the experience with Chowking Wonton Mami's improvement. Photo source: @Sheroseontimare

This classic Filipino favorite comfort food from a fast-food restaurant is making a comeback.

Maybe you have heard this from a couple of social media influencers but – Wonton Mami is officially back to using their freshly made silky soft, tasty noodles plus now it is paired with a rich and flavorful, slow boiled savory broth.

Chowking's Wonton Mami makes its comeback, but even better than before. That is why social media influencers cannot stop talking about it:

One food influencer group owner noticed the big change in the noodles used in Chowking's Wonton Mami and noticed that it is "improving", so the owner asked its followers to check it out for themselves if they could confirm if the review was right.

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While another food influencer, Chef Beng Velarde shares on her social media accounts that she could not stop herself from being curious about the new and improved Wonton Mami, so she tried it herself.

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Chef Beng Velarde shares her experience tasting the new and improved Chowking Wonton Mami. Video source: @chefbeng

The result? Chef Beng Velarde approves of the taste. She is pleased with the ingredients and the texture of the noodles.

Even Digital Creator, Shine Dee became curious after hearing that the Chowking Wonton Mami is back and with a rich and flavorful, slow boiled, and simmered in savory broth. So, after work she headed on to the nearest Chowking branch with her sister and ordered two bowls for them to taste.

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Shine Dee tries the new and improved Chowking Wonton Mami with her sister. Video source: @shineeedee

She was not disappointed, the flavorful bowl brought nostalgia to her. Her all-time favorite comfort food is back and so she even ordered an extra bowl for her mom to taste at home.

Other social media influencers also headed to the nearest Chowking branch to check out if the Wonton Mami's comeback is worth the buzz. 

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Video source: @panda.eatss

They were not disappointed. The tasty bowl was worth their travel to the store.

One food influencer even shares that the Wonton Mami bowl was so satisfying and comforting, it almost felt like she had a friend that would be with her as she laughs and cries while watching her favorite shows.

"Ang rich ng flavor! Mapapa-crave ka ng paulit-ulit sa fresh egg noodles. May toppings pa na nakakabusog at sobrang meaty pa nung sabaw! Super na miss ko 'to," shares Food For Tata on her Instagram account.
(The flavor is so rich! It makes you crave fresh egg noodles repeatedly. It even has toppings that make you full and the soup is so meaty! I really missed this.)

Filipinos love good tasting food and we come back to it every single chance that we have. Agreeably, the change and comeback of this classic Pinoy favorite comfort food is something that everyone is thankful for.

For more info on Chowking Wonton Mami, visit their Facebook page.

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