Artist, author Abbey Sy shows why books should not be judged by their covers


Posted at Aug 08 2018 11:18 AM | Updated as of Aug 23 2018 11:45 AM

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Art knows no age or gender -- or at least it is not supposed to. For one artist, calligraphist, and author however, this is not always the case.

A young artist in her 20s, people tend not to take fresh-faced Abbey Sy seriously upon meeting her, despite her hefty resume.

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

A self-employed creative entrepreneur, she illustrates books and has taken on creative design projects for some of the country's biggest brands, as well as a few international clients. She is also known for her work in calligraphy.

"[One of my challenges is] not being respected for my age and gender. There are instances where people don’t take me too seriously because I look young and inexperienced, but I’m actually not," she said in an interview.

Aside from looking younger than people expect, she has also faced challenges as a female designer. While the creative industry is becoming more and more open to the visual flair of women, many posts and leadership slots are still occupied by men.

Sy also admitted she still battles stress and anxiety daily.

"My hair falls a lot. It’s disturbing because I know it’s caused by stress and anxiety, two things I battle with everyday," she said.

As an artist, this is a dilemma she has to hurdle as she considers her hair as one of her creative outlets.

"I used to use my hair to cover my face a lot. Now [I've learned] how to push it apart from my face and serve as a curtain and crown of sorts. I’ve had the same hairstyle growing up but the length differs from time to time," she said.

To deal with these challenges, Sy said she focuses on what she does best, and reminds herself that her work is intended to inspire others to try their hand at art, so they can find joy in their own creative journey.

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Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Her attitude has buoyed her to nurture a thriving design career, and eventually establish her own personal brand, Abbey Sy Design Services, with a small team.

She also occasionally holds art workshops and gives inspirational talks to inspire people to nurture their creativity.

As her personal philosophy goes, "always be creating."

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