Hotel chain offers free lodging to frontliners

Hotel Sogo

Posted at Aug 07 2020 11:52 AM

It is solidarity that mirrors the values possessed by a certain community. In the Philippines, its full meaning was manifested by the joining of hands of the biggest corporations down to ordinary citizens to prevail over these trying times—from the smallest act of staying at home, to saving and sacrificing the lives of frontliners, and the act of sharing.

Several companies have taken the extra mile to not only get to grips with their employees' needs, but also to share timely and efficient contributions to the community. Among these is Hotel Sogo, one of the leading lodging chains in the country, that is working round the clock to extend refuge towards healthcare frontliners amidst the crisis.

More than just a slogan

Donation of relief goods to stranded Indigenous People (IP) in the metro in coordination with National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) due of the pandemic.

''So Clean, So Good!'' The slogan that Hotel Sogo has been upholding over the years of providing services and amenities to its guests, makes strides to go beyond its enterprise.

Not known to many, alongside this tagline is the company's commitment and compassion to give back to the community through its ''Sogo Cares'' under their corporate social responsibility program. Hotel Sogo has delivered timely services to help the indigent communities and fellow Filipinos who are in need.

Since week one of the community quarantine, Hotel Sogo has donated P80-million worth of room accommodations to medical frontliners. In coordination with 25 hospitals and mayors from different key cities, more than 800 rooms were provided to the doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and other healthcare providers in the country, for free. To date, Hotel Sogo not only serves as the home of the frontliners as it now also accommodates overseas Filipino workers and seafarer repatriates.

Series of donation activities in collaboration with other NGOs and local barangays have been conducted as well.

The game-changer

Hotel Sogo unveiled new measures to re-establish confidence in the hotel industry as they adapt to the ''new normal'' state.

As part of its ''So Clean, So Good, So Safe'' campaign under its Sogo So Safe Program, Hotel Sogo proceeds to take meaningful action plans by optimizing hotel protocols across its branches nationwide. This immediate response was established to fully secure the safety of its employees especially all the frontliners, OFWs, and seafarer repatriates who are currently sheltering in their hotels.

Health check

Mandatory screening by thermal scanners to all employees and guests is required before entering the hotel premises.

Touch-free fixtures

Less physical contact and manual frisking are being modified at doors and elevator buttons through the use of key chains.

Foot door opener as well as automatic faucets and urinals are also installed.

Integrated UV-light disinfection

The use of Ultraviolet (UV) light is modified in cash registers, keycard cases, elevator buttons, and its ceiling, room door handles, as well as in food preparation for an enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes.

It is also used to disinfect the room from bedsheets, cabinets, mirrors, tables, and chairs, and even in bathrooms. According to studies, this UV light disinfection is a rapid and effective process of eliminating bacteria and viruses, and also less harmful to human skin since they are particularly installed in features like door handles, which are not handled for a long time.

Social distancing

Plastic barriers in front desk stations are being installed and there are markers on the floors to ensure physical distancing is observed at all times.


All facilities will be constantly sanitized and hand sanitizers are situated in common areas. Foot disinfectant mats are being set up in hotel entrances, as well.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPEs are being incorporated in uniforms of hotel employees by wearing face masks, face shields, gloves, and boots during their duties and cleaning activities. All guests are also required to wear a face mask upon entering the hotel.

The partner of choice

As the evolving situation continues, Hotel Sogo is striving to be one of the chosen partners of various government agencies, hospitals, and private sectors in addressing the current situation of the country in terms of shelter demand.

Hotel Sogo is closely coordinating with the Department of Health (DOH), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), and the Department of Tourism (DOT) for the welfare of frontliners and OFWs sheltering in the hotel as new normal protocols are being implemented.

So Clean… So Good… So Safe

Hotel Sogo is envisioning a future of hotel stay which is clean and safe, and provides a quality and meaningful experience to its guests — making it their home away from home.

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