Are you a 'wais' mom?


Posted at Aug 03 2018 05:23 PM

Because of the radiance of their love for family, mothers are known to be the light of their homes. More than the grand gestures, these wais women of the household show their love through the everyday choices they make for the family.

From creating the perfect coffee brew for her husband or making delicious baon for the kids, these wais moms are in charge of making sure the family and home are taken care of. 

Every family needs a wais mom – how do you know if you are one?

1. 'Wais' on budget monitoring

You don’t need to look far to find a finance guru – coz that’s exactly what a mom is! Budgeting for the household is second nature to our wais moms as she manages the family expenses like no one else can. Tuition fees, electricity bills, grocery shopping?! Not a problem for the wais mom as she finds a way to ensure that every centavo is well spent for the family!

2. 'Wais' on home cleaning

A major part of housekeeping is making sure that every nook and cranny of the home is spotless! Oftentimes, this is a tiring task but a wais mom is a certified expert in cleaning with ease. Even with all the things she has to do, she has perfected the art of making sure that the home remains in tiptop condition by developing her own wais cleaning techniques!

3. 'Wais' on healthy cooking

No other member of the household has mastered the kitchen like a wais mom has! Every single day, she guarantees that all the meals she cooks for the family is not just healthy but also delicious. Even with a very busy schedule, she will find time to go to the market to get the freshest ingredients available – after all, her family deserves only the best! 

4. 'Wais' on family time

The incessant demand of work and home can take its toll on family time – but not for a wais mom! She makes it a point to seize every opportunity to have quality bonding moments with her husband and kids. From taking a trip to the mall or going to the nearby park or even just watching their favorite show together, wais moms create ways for the family to enjoy each other’s company!

5. 'Wais' on efficient laundry

Doing the laundry can be tough, but finding a laundry detergent that can pass the wais mom’s standards for great clean and great fragrance can be tougher! Since clean and fragrant clothes are her way of showing love for the whole family, she needs to choose wisely – which is why wais moms choose the New & Improved Surf powder! May Active Whiteners para sa mas pinabisang linis at Bango Boosters kaya walang kasing bango!

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