The best denim jeans for on-the-go millennials

Freego Jeans

Posted at Aug 01 2017 06:30 PM

It’s all about a balance of style, comfort, and function for millennial men when it comes to choosing what clothes to wear. With their daily schedule filled to the brim, it’s important that they can comfortably move around in order to smoothly attend to all their personal and work engagements.

Through every situation, a pair of great-fitting denim jeans is an essential part of their wardrobe that can see them through every day. Not only are jeans timelessly stylish, they are also versatile as they can either be dressed up or down, depending on what the occasion calls for.

Since the millennial man’s day-to-day lifestyle is filled with different activities that require a lot of movement, the last thing they should worry about is being uneasy with what they’re wearing. Good thing, there is a new pair of denim jeans that can totally make them feel at ease with moving around all day: the Freego Hyperflex 4-Way Stretch.

Developed by the leading innovative and sexy denim brand Freego, this new pair of denim jeans is definitely not your ordinary pair. Made of lightweight and stretchable fabric, these jeans feel like second skin as it allows one to move around freely. Walk, run, jump, stretch—you have nothing to worry about with the new Freego Hyperflex 4-Way Stretch.

No matter how often you wear it, the jeans will retain its design and fit because it was created to have great shape retention which prevents the jeans from sagging and losing its form. Adding a cool factor to this pair of jeans are the embroidered inner waistband and texturized back patch and a pocket flasher for the back pocket. For more versatility, it comes in Light, Medium, and Dark shades.

Make the most out of your day with this ultra-cool, uber stylish, and super flexible pair of denim jeans. Now, this is something that’s sure to be every millennial man’s favorite pair.

The Freego Hyperflex 4-Way Stretch Jeans are available at P1,899.75. Check out Freego Jeans in all leading department stores nationwide. Follow them on, @freegojeans on Instagram and @freego_jeans on Twitter.

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