How a milk brand makes organic living affordable


Posted at Jul 28 2019 06:37 PM | Updated as of Aug 07 2019 04:38 PM

How a milk brand makes organic living affordable 1

Every single day, homemakers chase productivity. It may involve a task that may be as trivial as cleaning the kitchen, or arranging reading materials; or it may be as critical as ensuring that their loved ones are kept away from health hazards.

Healthy living has always been a topic of precariousness. Everyone acknowledges it to yield many benefits, what with all the information made available in this digital age. However, it halts a buyer from permanently getting into the practice upon checking out the hefty price that comes along with these nutritious products.

The organic way, for instance, is one credible lifestyle that promotes healthy living. Even the ongoing trend on organic food nowadays only validates that people are aware of the steady shift from old, unhealthy habits, to a more conscious, forward-thinking pace. At present, Philippines is witnessing a steady propagation of “green” restaurants that are armed with various strategies to boost wholesome food choices.

But then again, awareness can only go so far. Processed food still dominate Filipino households because of their feasible sustainability.

So, how vastly different is organic food from processed food?

To put it simply, processed food are those that underwent a deliberate chemical process to preserve their desirable flavors. In order to do that, these are collectively saturated with sugar, fat, and salt in the forms of synthetic flavorings, colorants, and sweeteners. These, in combination with a lack of vitamins, minerals, and fiber are what lead to a greater risk of hypertension, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Organic food, on the other hand, implements a more elaborate scale that requires effort, patience, and commitment. While high technology allows manufacturers of processed food to jump from the first step to the last step in a matter of days or even hours, organic food is only permitted to be sold on the market once it has completed each mandatory process thoroughly. The philosophy to uphold here is that quality takes time – there are no shortcuts.

The main catch here is that organic food, which safeguards the nutrients naturally, merits premium price. Arla Organic Powdered Milk’s role, therefore, is to advocate for homemakers to enjoy affordable organic consumption.

A trusted milk brand worldwide, the way Arla frames the organic lifestyle approach is through allocating fresh and natural tasting products that are budget-friendly. Moms do not need to worry anymore about spending much from their pockets because the organic way is finally within reach.

Founded and based in Denmark, the first country to introduce regulations for organic production, and the country where organic food has the largest market share, Arla meets reasonable expectations as it unfailingly sustains excellent quality dairy products which are free from GMOs and pesticides.

Arla’s organic production is specifically based on four principles: ecology, health, fairness, and care.

How a milk brand makes organic living affordable 2

Organic farmers see to it that they actively attend to the needs of their livestock since animal welfare substantially falls under their principles. The cows’ natural habitat is, to the best of their efforts, conserved vigilantly including the soil’s fertility, water resources, and biodiversity.

Suitable conditions are set for cows to operate in their natural behavior to uphold the utmost wellness for them and for the consumers of their produce. The healthier cows get, the healthier their produce will turn into. These living conditions include access to grassland or outdoor areas, ample space to roam in their housing units, access to organic feeds, the balance of animals within an area of the allotted land, strict prohibition on the usage of growth hormones and other such substances.

If you wish a healthy lifestyle for your family, and adopt the organic way into your dining table, while keeping your budget intact, then Arla is definitely what you’ve been waiting for.

How a milk brand makes organic living affordable 3

For as low as P75 per liter, you and your loved ones can enjoy 100% European Ceritfied Organic nutrition. Visit the website to discover their other Arla brands or shop at any leading supermarket nationwide for your Arla Organic Powdered Milk today!

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