Gliding down wrinkly lane

Issa Litton

Posted at Jul 26 2018 11:38 AM

Wrinkles. It's something most, if not all, do not welcome with open arms.

Wrinkled skin is dreaded. Wrinkled sheets are smoothed. Wrinkled clothes are disliked. The latter is something that, especially in professional circles, catches eyes and not in a good way. 

Having wrinkle-free clothing is always spot on, even on casual jeans-and-T-shirt days. 

Looking presentable requires effort because clothes need to be pressed and ironing requires a bit of muscle, concentration and care — making it one of the most time-consuming and least-favored tasks there is. 

Fortunately, it is possible to lighten the ironing load with Tefal's line of Steam Irons with Durilium Technology. 

Tefal FV4944 Ultragliss

The Tefal FV4944 Ultragliss and Tefal Easygliss are designed specifically to simplify the ironing process and give efficient results.

The irons have active steam holes on the tip, sides, and center of the sole plate. The steam output helps remove creases with ease. 

Tefal FV3910 Easygliss (Made in France)

The Durilium Technology enamel coating also gives superior scratch resistance when ironing areas with buttons or zippers, and ensures the durability of the sole plate.

Tefal FV4944 Ultragliss and Easygliss Steam Irons don't just make ironing effortless, they are also built to last. 

Tefal FV4010 Easygliss

Durability is assured because of the calc collector, which prevents build-up inside the steam chamber. It captures particles that clothes get from laundry and is removable for easy cleaning. Plus, it keeps the steam chamber from decreasing steam performance.

Ultragliss' anti-calc technology for long lasting steam power (FV4944)

The steam irons also have an anti-drip function to prevents leaks that could stain clothes while ironing. 

With Tefal steam irons, ironing is one less household chore to worry about.

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