Say goodbye to amoy kulob clothes this rainy season


Posted at Jul 22 2021 12:00 PM

Say goodbye to amoy kulob clothes this rainy season 1
Get rid of the amoy kulob in your clothes with these tips. Photo source: Pexels

Doing laundry is an unavoidable chore that will not wait for anyone, not even a sunny day. With the rainy season rolling in, finding good weather to hang clothes outside to dry becomes more difficult. However, hanging clothes inside the house tend to bring a kulob or musty smell, and this can lead to increased stress as you will need to re-wash all the clothes.

So, how does one get rid of the kulob smell? Here are different ways to keep clothes smelling fresh even when dried indoors.

Air dry the clothes

As drying clothes naturally under the sunlight during this season is not always a guarantee, the next best option is to air dry them. 

Try putting the clothes rack near an open window to let the wind dry them. Opening your window helps natural air to circulate inside the house, as well as improve airflow, helping prevent the kulob smell.

If rain is coming down too hard and opening a window is not feasible, you can use an electric fan to air dry them instead. 

Check your closet

Your closet might be one of the reasons why your clothes have a musty smell. To get rid of this, regularly check your closet for signs of molds that contribute to the kulob smell. Regularly cleaning your closet can also prevent this from happening.

Most of the time, these unpleasant smells come from closets that have been closed for some time, so leaving a little opening for air to circulate can help. Be sure to air out wardrobes and drawers once in a while, too. 

Say goodbye to amoy kulob clothes this rainy season 2
Photo source: Unsplash

Choose the right detergent

It is important, especially during rainy days, to choose the right detergent to help you get rid of the kulob smell and make laundry easier.

One of the detergent brands known for its delightful fragrances paired with cleaning and whitening properties is Surf. To help aid consumers in preventing amoy kulob on their clothes, Surf offers its Sun Fresh variant.

With Anti Kulob Technology that specifically targets those unpleasant smells, you can expect fresh and clean smelling garments even during the rainy season. Plus, its Active Clean formulation promises to deliver bright and white clothes with every wash.

Wais consumers can get the anti-kulob magic of Surf Sun Fresh for P5.50 SRP. Surf also offers a variety of different fragrances with the same improved whitening and cleaning power to suit individual preferences. You may buy Surf products here.

Say goodbye to amoy kulob clothes this rainy season 3
The Surf Powder Sun Fresh with Anti Kulob Technology can help aid you in keeping clothes smelling clean and fresh as if dried naturally under sunlight. Tunay na kulob-free linis sa presyong wais! (Real kulob-free clean at a reasonable price) Photo source: Surf

With these tips, anyone can be a smart consumer and avoid kulob smelling clothes today, even when the weather turns gray. 

For more information, you can visit Surf's Facebook page.

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