Here's how you can protect your child from diaper rashes


Posted at Jul 22 2020 10:00 AM | Updated as of Jul 22 2020 02:21 PM

While it is true that newsborns bring light to every home, taking care of these little bundles of joy is never easy as there are plenty of things that must be considered to make them happy and healthy. As loving and prudent as they are, mothers tend to buy products such as diapers that they believe are best for their babies. Many diaper brands offer good value, but in reality, cheaper does not always mean that it is safer.

Low quality diapers are cheaper for they often compromise on some key aspects. First of which is that they usually get bulky, "lawlaw," and stuffy fast because they are made of cotton and other fibers mixed in the absorption layer or core of the diaper. When this happens, moms will have to change diapers more often and if they do not do so right away, their babies will get soaked in pee and other harmful irritants. 

Cheaper diapers are also rough and plasticky to the feel and can irritate the baby and cause them rashes. These diapers also often lack of a move fitting tech that hampers the belt and cuffs of the diaper and cause leakage especially in older babies who move around a lot. 

In the recent Momshie Talks segment of Magandang Buhay, Jolina Magdangal, Dimples Romana, and Dr. Luisa Puyat talked about the essence of choosing the right diaper that has the right fit and a high absorbency property—one that could absorb the pee to avoid leakage and uncomfortability among babies. 

"Kapag nabababad ang balat ng ating mga babies sa ihi, and puwedeng mangyari, number one ay nagkakaron ng irriation yung balat ng mga babies kasi syempre nagfri-friction, basa eh, kumikiskis yung balat," Dr. Puyat said. 

As an esteemed dermatologist, she also mentioned that low quality diapers that use synthetic fibers and strong chemicals may cause a skin irritation or allergic reaction called contact dermatitis

"Pangalawa, yung ihi mismo ay nagiging irritant sa balat ng ating mga babies, so nagkakaron ng irritant contact dermatitis or allergic reaction dito. Kapag nagkasugat-sugat na ang balat ng ating mga babies, maaari nang pasukan ito ng bacterial infection at makikita mo na nag-nanana na yung mga balat nila kasi kinakamot din nila, at maaring pasukan ng fungal infection—ang itsura naman nito ay namumulang balat na may pangangaliskis," Dr. Puyat added. 

"Babad" may also cause urinary tract infection (UTI) as the pee left in the diaper becomes a medium for the growth of bacterial infection that can reach up to the baby's kidneys. When kids suffer from UTI, they usually refuse to eat or be breastfed, cry during urination, have stomachache, have foul-smelling or cloudy pee, or have fever. 

This talk sets as an eye operner that using quality diapers is actually more practical and affordable compared to cheaper diapers. These low quality diapers may even do more harm as moms would have to change diapers more often and expose their children's skin to harmful irritants. It then would not help them economize as they may have to pay not just for more diapers but for the baby's hospitalization when they get sick.

To avoid this from happening, parents should ensure that their baby only wears diapers that are good quality—one that can help make their baby have a healthy development and help them save at the same time. 

With Pampers Baby Dry Pants, they have one less thing to worry about as it helps protect babies as much as two other diapers with its triple "pwet-ection." This diaper that is thinner compared to others due to its patented 3-way magic gel channels, enables instant front to back absorption that can soak up at least 2x more versus the average diaper. It immediately pulls irritants away from baby's skin and allows less changes due to its superior absorption capacity.

It is also equipped with anti-leak guards in the S-shaped belt and form-fitting cuffs that move along with the baby to lessen leakage, and an anti-irritation layer that makes it feel soft to the touch, and is just as gentle to baby's sensitive skin to avoid rashes. 

Pampers Pants boasts as the only brand recommended by the Skin Health Alliance. This independent dermatological accreditation organization comprises of dermatologists and skin experts based in London who scrutinize skin products to make sure that they are safe and effective. 

After a couple of hours of wearing diaper, moms must cleanse their baby's skin to avoid diaper rash. When doing so, they should use Pampers Sensitive Wipes that is also ideal especially for babies who have sensitive skin.

With Baby Dry Pants, parents can have a peace of mind as it causes less "lawlaw" compared to other cheaper brands. With no "babad," babies can use their diapers longer and become safe from rashes and other irritants.

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