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Posted at Jul 19 2022 12:03 PM

Photo source: Bear Brand
Photo source: Bear Brand

The first meal of the day after long hours of sleep and before starting the day is a way to replenish nutrients and to help boost energy for the whole day.

As the saying goes "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," breakfast may not be the only important meal, but medical and health professionals favor eating breakfast to help improve dietary quality and reduce the risks of chronic diseases caused by obesity.

Parents need to make it a point that their children have proper breakfast before studying or proceeding with the activities for the day. The reason behind this is that children who are hungry may have a hard time focusing on lessons, staying awake and learning, so children must have a nutritious breakfast to help support them throughout the day.

So, what can you do for your children?

A study indicates that there is suggestive evidence that the habit of eating breakfast positively impacts a child's academic performance. It also says that the quality of what is served during breakfast is also an important factor to take into consideration.

Children having breakfast may feel more energized compared to when they skip it and aside from having a positive association on cognitive tasks and academic performance of children, eating breakfast may also provide essential nutrients for proper growth and development. Children who eat breakfast regularly may also have higher intake of vitamins and minerals like calcium and fiber, than those who skip the meal.

A balanced meal, according to the Department of Science and Technology - Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), should contain go, grow, and glow food, a glass of milk, and a person must consume at least five or more glasses of water in a day.

Since breakfast should contribute 20%-25% of the total daily energy need of a child, a balanced meal should also include one portion each of grow food such as: egg, chicken, or fish, one serving of go food either cereals, rice, bread – or any complex carbohydrates, one serving of fruits and leafy vegetables and a glass of dairy products like milk.

A balanced meal including milk and water, in most cases, may help address a child's nutritional needs especially for calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C, along with proper diet and exercises.

To take care of children and their needs, it is important to serve them a meal that will strengthen not only their cognitive skills, but also help provide them nutrients that will help support their physical development, so that they can have confidence in themselves, knowing that they can achieve what they set their minds to.

BEAR BRAND Fortified has Doble Tibay nutrients that help support children's essential needs for a strong body and strong immune system for overall growth and development, with proper diet and exercise.

BEAR BRAND Fortified plus three balanced meals and exercise can strengthen a child throughout the day. Video source: Bear Brand Facebook

It has Tibay Katawan nutrients including 100% Vitamin D, high in protein and calcium and Tibay Resistensiya nutrients including 100% Vitamin C, high in Iron and Zinc. When kids are strong, they will have Tibay ng loob knowing that they can achieve what they put their mind to together with proper diet and exercise.

BEAR BRAND Fortified paired with a daily balanced meal, right amount of sleep, physical activity and proper guidance from guardians can create a Tibay environment that will help children develop, grow, and reach their full potential.

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