Saturday cleaning routine paves family's way to dream Singapore vacation

Mr Muscle®

Posted at Jul 19 2018 06:20 PM

With Christmas fast approaching last year, freelance web and game developer Argene Tanyong could only think of so many ways to usher the holiday spirit into their home. 

Little did he know that a surprise holiday trip was on its way.


Despite working at home, it was difficult for Tanyong to find time for a vacation. He and his wife April have very busy schedules, and Tanyong himself last left the country in 2008.

They are usually able to spend time together with their daughter Aesha and mother Aida during the weekends, when they dedicate Saturdays to general cleaning, and Sundays to treks only to nearby malls for a walk or grocery shopping.

According to Tanyong, good thing that with the many things they have to do, his wife discovered a cleaning aid so effective that it cuts time and lets them have more quality time together—Mr Muscle®.

"Ever since, my wife has always been a Mr Muscle® user. As I can personally see, with this brand, she spends less time in cleaning because of its power to defeat the toughest messes in our house, particularly in the bathroom. Less time for cleaning, more time for family bonding," he said. 

Despite scheduling difficulties, he continued to hope that he could treat his wife, daughter, and mother to a fun-filled vacation, especially during the holiday season.

"I wanted to enjoy a vacation with my whole family. My wife, my daughter and my mother are my joy, and I wanted to make them happy, too," he said. 

All this came true when he joined the Mr Muscle Family Fly Away Promo. The Tanyong family won an all-expense-paid trip to Singapore, plus a total of P50,000 in cash.

According to Tanyong, it felt “surreal” when his name was listed as the winner on the Clean Less, Live More website.

"There were so many great entries, and I felt I was really lucky to have been picked as the grand prize winner! It was overwhelming. I immediately informed my wife about the good news and we literally jumped out of excitement," he said.

Upon receiving their cash prize, the family immediately went shopping for luggage, clothes, and shoes, among other travel necessities. "We were too excited that we packed our things three days before the trip," Tanyong said.


Tanyong and his wife April, daughter Aesha, and mother Aida, arrived in Singapore on a sunny day—perfect for a holiday. It was his daughter’s first airplane ride, and she was very excited to see a foreign land. 

From the airport, a shuttle service brought them to Bay Hotel, which is only a few minutes’ drive away from Universal Studios Singapore, the highlight of the Mr Muscle Family Fly Away Promo. 

Excitedly, the family left their bags at the hotel and had their first meal in Singapore. Tanyong was enthralled by the country’s seamless transportation system, and sumptuous culinary offerings. 

"Food is great! Transportation is purely wow! Singapore is such a well-disciplined and organized country that is truly enjoyable to visit," he said.

The next morning, the Tanyongs wore their most comfortable clothes, and geared up for their adventure in Universal Studios Singapore, located within Resorts World Sentosa. The moment they approached the gates, Tanyong's daughter could not help but notice the Far Far Away Palace, also known as Shrek's castle. 

"Yey! A castle," said Aesha, who said she dreams of becoming a princess someday. 

The Tanyong family also tried the Universal Studios Singapore's signature attraction, "Transformers: The Ride," and enjoyed every dip and forward rush.

Apart from Universal Studios Singapore, the family also visited other tourist spots such as the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay, Sands Skypark, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, and Makansutra Gluttons Bay or Hawkers’ Center.

Tanyong’s mother Aida was also lucky enough to find time to meet her sister, who had been working in Singapore for decades. They spent time shopping at Vivo City and Expo Mall, just in time for the Christmas sale.

"We were able to create wonderful memories. Our bonding time there in Singapore helped us reconnect and communicate with each other more, since a lot of times we are all busy doing our own tasks at home," Tanyong said. 

Argene and his girls take a pose before the iconic Universal Studios Globe.

Universal Studios is fully decorated for Christmas.

The Tanyong family excitedly explores Universal Studios Singapore.

Madagascar's river boat ride is the first stop of the Tanyong family.

They also checked out Shrek's Castle in Far Far Away.

They also took selfies at Ancient Egypt.

Argene's favorite attraction is "Transformers: The Ride."

Jurassic Park is also an unforgettable experience for the family.

After an 8-hour of pure fun and excitement, the Tanyong family gears up for their next trip-- city tour!

After the three-day trip, the Tanyong family returned to Manila with huge smiles on their faces. Argene's Christmas wish was fulfilled.

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