New normal activities that call for good eyesight

Executive Optical

Posted at Jul 18 2020 10:00 AM

A new normal setup calls for new normal hitches; and while Filipinos slowly prepare for this transition, they should also ensure that they have a clear vision to see things through. As good eyesight results in the quality of life, they should be wary of all the new normal possibilities that may arise so they can protect themselves and their loved ones with ease. 

Adults are usually first in line in braving these kinds of situations. From commuting or driving to the office to completing daily reports and accomplishing everyday tasks, these daily scenarios all require good eyesight to be done safely and efficiently. Even when they work at home, responding to emails may still be strenuous if they cannot properly see what they are typing or doing on their computers. With poor eyesight, the quality of their work may be affected, resulting in serious consequences. 

When people are out, even if they wear face masks and practice social distancing, they may still be faced with certain mishaps if they have unclear vision. For instance, they may pick the wrong items when doing grocery shopping or mistake strangers as their company. 

It is not only adults that require good eyesight, but also children and the youth who are bound to shift to online classes. As they are expected to be on their laptops, tablets, or phone screens for a couple of hours, their eyes will get easily strained and be more prone to damage. With poor eyesight, doing homework and participating in virtual discussions may be difficult and uncomfortable. 

All these real-life problems people may experience in the new normal setup can be avoided if they take good care of their eyes. Aside from eating plenty of citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, and food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, exercising, and resting their eyes from time to time, they should also get their eyes checked regularly. 

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