5 things that make men attractive at any age

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Posted at Sep 25 2018 02:43 PM

While there are generally accepted standards on what makes men physically appealing such as a symmetrical face, broad shoulders, and a toned physique, attractiveness is more subjective.

Attraction is relative, as not everyone shares the same tastes. Some may prefer a man with a beard, while others like a clean-shaven face better. Some might also be attracted to men with long, dark locks, while others prefer short, salt-and-pepper hair.

While the rules of physical attraction might not be carved in stone, here are some of the things that can help men be more attractive, no matter their age.

1. A sense of humor

While some scientific studies have said that women find brooding men sexy, a great personality is "a big thing" when people want to form a long-term relationship.

A sense of humor is often taken positively, and has also been linked to high intelligence, which is an attractive trait for many. However, there is a limit--while it is always useful to have a stash of anecdotes and funny quips, jokes should not be offensive in any way.

2. Being a responsible pet owner

The ability to properly care for a pet is often proof that you know how to take care of others, not just yourself. It shows that you are responsible, and are willing to dedicate time for someone else's well-being, which can be attractive to a potential partner.

3. A clean, manly scent

Perfume isn't the answer, because overly strong or overpowering perfume can be irritating to a person's sense of smell. Wearing fresh clothes and bathing with clean-smelling soap is enough to highlight your natural scent, which contains pheromones that can be enough to catch a potential partner's interest.

4. Well-fitting, fashionable clothes

Being fashionable doesn't mean you have to break the bank and splurge on signature clothes. Clothes that fit well and are cut in a way that highlights the body's best features can be enough to turn heads.

5. A nice haircut

Hair is anyone's "crowning glory," be they male or female. Men who sport haircuts that suit the shape of their face and highlight their best features are attractive, especially if their hair is well-groomed, fresh-smelling, and lustrous.

To achieve this, it it recommended to use hair care products that are specially formulated for men like Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo to ensure that hair is in top condition.

Aside from leaving a fresh, clean after-shower feeling, Dove Men+Care also makes hair up to 5x stronger (hair fall due to breakage, vs. untreated hair) to prevent hair fall, which could lead to premature hair loss.

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