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Posted at Jul 17 2020 05:00 PM

Over the years, many have tried to decode the essence of what a beautiful woman is and what she does on a daily basis. So many ideals have surfaced to define her. But the one thing everyone agrees with is that inside every beautiful woman are goals and intentions as beautiful as she is.

While pretty faces are aplenty in the show business, Filipinos are lucky to have a strong and independent Bela Padilla to look up to as a role model. Not only does this actress excel in modeling and hosting, but she is also celebrated in the film industry as a producer and screenwriter. Though not lacking in either talent or physical beauty, she stands out even further for her unrelenting archetype of beauty that is not afraid to react, explore, and adapt to changes.

Right when the country was placed in quarantine with strict mandates to stay at home, Padilla was quick to respond by starting a fundraiser last March that sought to answer the needs of the less fortunate in the metro.

Padilla shared,'The best solution I came up with is for us to donate. I set up an account, and whatever money we do raise, let's spilt 16 ways for the 16 cities of Metro Manila affected by this community quarantine. I will personally see to it that the money we raise will go to the right people.''

Help was immediately offered just four days after the fundraiser, with Padilla being able to extend relief to street vendors after raising P3.3 million.

Not long after her humanitarian work, Padilla also handed out some helpful tips for everyone wanting to get a haircut but are unable to do so because of physical restrictions. She is aware that it is important that certain skills must be developed at this time and that reliable sources of information are in high demand. So, she helped fellow Filipinos trim their hair with a step-by-step guide. While staying at home, the Youtube vlogger got into being resourceful by unlocking more and more timely life hacks that would pose usefulness especially in the 'new normal.'

Glowing with a beautiful heart, Padilla now ventures into campaigns that talk about what transformative beauty is all about. She wants to show that transformative beauty is more than just transforming herself, but also the society and community she is in, for the better. And with that, she is delighted to be a part of a campaign that advocates for #BeautifulTransformations under #LifeInTheNewNormal.


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''After more than a hundred days, I have finally found my new normal. I started this quarantine scared and uncertain, so I would fill my days with so many activities and try and absorb as much information as I could. Now, I allow myself to breathe and take in beauty that I see around me. There is so much to hear in silence and so much to learn from what we used to take for granted,'' Padilla expressed.

Just like everyone, Filipinos around the world went through life-changing transformations because of the pandemic. The importance of health, and wellness and beauty, became more essential. In this light, Kojiesan, one of the leading kojic acid soap brands in the Philippines, is launching its nutraceutical arm – Life by Kojiesan. Geared with a mission of providing the market with products that are nourishing, nurturing, restoring, and sustaining – Life by Kojiesan is dedicated to introducing fresh and creative ways to achieve beauty and wellness through supplements that promote fullness of life.

As a brand, Life by Kojiesan is determined to create beautiful transformations from the inside out—highlighting beauty that is nurtured from within. Consistent with this purpose, the brand aptly chose Bela Padilla to be part of the Life by Kojiesan campaign, as the Kapamilya star has been embodying this throughout her entire career.

Committed to sharing among Filipinos the kind of transformative beauty they deserve, Life by Kojiesan and Padilla, are eager to impart excellence in their future endeavors, delivering one of the best solutions to Filipinos' beauty and wellness routine, as well as in life-changing issues such as the current health crisis.

In the end, the impact of this crisis may be far from over but time and again, humanity's heart and strength are beyond any adversities. Share your #BeautifulTransformations under #LifeInTheNewNormal on #LifeByKojiesan IG page now.

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