How good are you in decoding internet shorthand?

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Posted at Jul 17 2019 11:35 AM


It has happened to you. At first, whiling away on the Internet is all good and fun, scanning through your socials and whatnot. Until you get to the Comments section and your eyes start to twitch a little, your facial expression turns into something of awe, anticipation, and annoyance. 

This happens when encountering incomprehensible words you never imagined the English-speaking community to allow. Because why stitch random letters together, right? Wrong.

Acronyms are actually more stimulating than they look. What they lack in characters, they make up for in impact and time efficiency.

So, how good are you at acronyms on the web? Now is as good a time as any to test just that and finally assess your level of netizenship.

Starting off at Novice Level are widely known acronyms:

  1. IDK
  2. OTP
  3. TBH
  4. LOL
  5. IMHO

Proceeding to the Intermediate Level are acronyms that burgeoned at the conception of social media platforms in the early 2000s:

  1. FTW
  2. SMH
  3. LMK
  4. TTYL
  5. YOLO

Moving on to the Advanced Level are modern-day acronyms used mostly when conversing lengthy discussions on blogs, reviews, fan fictions, and other writing-related sites:

  1. ICYMI
  2. TL;DR
  3. FOMO

If you do not know the words behind the Novice Level acronyms, chances are it hasn’t been long since you became a netizen. If you’ve come far to the end though, you just earned yourself a chance to be an Expert netizen.

This year’s Expert Level acronym is none other than:

1. BMM

That’s right! Wendy’s BMM ⁠— Less name. More satisfaction! Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt, now "BMM," is Wendy’s #1 hamburger and core sandwich serving customers since 1990. 

This classic burger made with 100 percent beef, pan-smothered mushrooms, melted cheddar cheese sauce, and smoked bacon strips, comes back juicier and meatier for that delectable experience.

Easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to say, BMM is the acronym richest in substance (literally) that matters for expert netizens.

For more details, check out Wendy’s Facebook page, or visit any of their branches for the Best Tasting Burger on the market!

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