Wais tips for laundry day this rainy season


Posted at Jul 19 2021 03:31 PM

Wais tips for laundry day this rainy season 1
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Doing laundry is like a never-ending chore. One of the challenges of being a wais mom is planning and having a successful laundry day. When mixed in with a million other tasks that constitute running a household, this can become a tiring chore, especially in the absence of consistent sunny days.
If this is something you have been experiencing, these tips may be able to help you achieve a successful laundry day.
Do not let your laundry pile up and sort out your clothes

Especially during the rainy season, always take advantage when the sun comes out and do not let your laundry pile up. Seeing a mountain of dirty laundry can be a tiring sight, so try to plan ahead to avoid having a massive pile of laundry stuck in your home waiting for the rain to stop.

While sorting out clothes is a way to make sure that each garment is cleaned and washed thoroughly. Throwing clothes in the washer without proper segregation can result in faded jeans, dirty whites, and colored shirts mixing, thereby adding more laundry work. Sorting is also a way to take care of and extend the life of your clothes, specifically delicate fabrics and expensive linens.

Make use of readily available laundry planning tool

Wais tips for laundry day this rainy season 2
The Surf LABAssistant helps in planning your laundry day based on the weather forecast. Photo source: Surf Chatbot

It is important to have an efficient system when doing laundry to take advantage of good weather and avoid clothes from piling up. 

In this aspect, a planning tool such as Surf LABAssistant can help aid wais moms in preparing their laundry routine for the rainy season. 

The LABAssistant chatbot is a laundry-planning tool that can be accessed with a few clicks on the Facebook messenger app. It aims to make laundry day easy and less stressful. 

The chatbot can help in planning when to wash the clothes based on the weather forecast. Moms can also get wais anti-kulob tips and relevant links to prevent unpleasant smells in clothes. 

Moms will be excited to know that from July 19 to 26, 2021, users of the weather forecasting function will get free U-COINs that can be converted to free P15 load on the UCOIN PH website.

Use the right fabric conditioner

Wais tips for laundry day this rainy season 3
Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh with Odor Block Power helps prevent kulob while giving great fragrance. Photo source: Surf Facebook Page

Using the right fabric conditioner for your clothes is also beneficial, as it can help aid in combating the kulob smell when the weather turns sour and you are forced to hang them indoors. 

The Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh is the wais and affordable choice. With odor block power, it prevents clothes from getting that musty smell. Not only does it block kulob, but Surf Fabcon Charcoal Fresh can help give your clothes long-lasting fragrance for as low as P5.00 SRP.

With the right planning and fabric conditioner, any laundry day can be a successful one. And you no longer have to worry about the kulob smell in your clothes, whatever the weather may be.

To know more about Surf and its products, you can visit its Facebook page.

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