Strengthen your immunity with healthy blood


Posted at Jul 16 2021 01:04 PM

Strengthen your immunity with healthy blood 1
Essential workers like pharmacists have been resiliently holding the frontlines ever since the start of the pandemic. Photo source: Screenshot from the "Dugong Panalo" music video

The current health situation is not only proving to be detrimental to one's physical well-being, it has also taken a toll on people's mental health. It is keeping everyone in a constant state of fear and worry, alongside bouts of stress and anxiety.

Looking back at the same time last year, restaurants and shops were closed, grocery shelves were empty, traffic was almost non-existent, and all medical frontliners were working long hours.

Despite it being a very challenging year for everyone, Filipinos still did not forget to showcase the bayanihan spirit or the power of a community working together.

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As one nation, Filipinos should unite to conquer all the challenges that may come their way. That is the main message of the "Dugong Panalo" music video by Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+).

The lyrics "kahit may paghihirap, isang bayan nating harapin ang ating bukas" (even with many difficulties, we will face tomorrow as one nation) is meant to uplift and inspire Filipinos to unite as one nation in order to get through whatever hardship they may face. Because the adage that "no man is an island" is true. No one man or woman can save the country in the face of a crisis of this magnitude. It is only when its citizens work hand in hand can they create a safe and better community.

And this can be seen throughout the year. Even with quarantine restrictions, Filipinos have found ways to help each other. Various groups and individuals have launched relief operations, free mental health assistance, and aid to those in need. All these are a testament that the bayanihan spirit is still alive.

Another notable line from the song,"sama-sama, tulong-tulong" (together, helping each other) further establishes how vital unity and teamwork are during these trying times.

The fight song #DugongPinoyPanalo, not only serves as a reminder that Filipinos are stronger together, but it also speaks of how having a healthy blood can give people strong immunity.

Strengthen your immunity with healthy blood 2
Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) hopes to give Filipinos #DugongPinoyPanalo which can help, with proper diet and exercise, keep the immune system at its peak so it can fight back against illnesses. Photo source: Sangobion Facebook Page

Together with nutritious meals, regular exercise, and enough sleep, one can achieve healthy blood with aid from Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+). This iron supplement helps to replenish iron stores and increases red blood cell levels in the body to help treat iron deficiency anemia.

Apart from its inspiring music video, Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) hopes to provide Filipinos with dugong panalo to help them face any problems or trials this season may bring. It also arrives to remind everyone that you are stronger than this calamity, and together as one, nothing can bring you down.

To know more about Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+), visit its Facebook page.

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