How a fast food crew became president of a big supermarket chain


Posted at Jul 05 2019 12:02 PM

“Asan na order ko?”, classmates would jokingly ask Jojo Tagbo who usually rushed to class wearing his work uniform after his shift cleaning the lobby and dining areas.

How a fast food crew became president of a big supermarket chain 1

Jojo was a service crew member at McDonald’s Quezon Avenue in 1990. Fast forward to this day, Jojo is the president of Savemore Market, one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country. While the journey to where he is now did not come easy, the values he learned along the way are what he credits for his success.

Jojo needed to be a scholar and work part-time to make sure he can support his schooling and achieve his dream to graduate from college. That’s when his journey with McDonald’s as a crew member started.

More than the financial gain from being a working student, working at McDonald’s provided Jojo with another avenue for learning. He was able to receive academic knowledge in school, and also learn skills and gain experience from the workplace. Jojo believed that what he learned through experience gave him an edge over his peers.

As a McDonald’s service crew member, Jojo did more than what was expected of him. He took the work seriously and learned the importance of taking the initiative to progress.

He was first assigned to work in the lobby and dining area but he wanted to be transferred to the kitchen and learn about the different processes in preparing the food.

To make the transfer happen, he found an opportunity when there was a big work event that ended late. He anticipated that many would be absent the next day so he decided to come in early for his shift. True enough, the kitchen was understaffed, so Jojo was assigned to work in the kitchen and was transferred there since that day.

He continued to work hard and received recognition from his managers. He also continued to do well in school and all his efforts paid off -- Jojo was able to finish his schooling.

McDonald’s Philippines Chairman and founder, George T. Yang, himself even recognized that great opportunities would come for the new graduate.

In a letter to Jojo, Yang said “the knowledge that you have gained from school and the experiences you have in McDonald’s will push you on to future successes.”

Those “future successes” have come to life today.

Now as president of a supermarket chain that Filipinos know so well, Jojo still speaks of his humble experiences as a working student fondly. He continues to acknowledge that part of his life as what led him to where he is now.

"Dahil iyan sa mga natutunan ko sa McDo," he said.

Beyond rushing to class in his work uniform and hearing jokes such as "Asan na order ko?", Jojo has learned the value of determination.

He knew that these challenges are just small sacrifices compared to the great experiences he gained from McDonald’s which would eventually lead him to even more accomplishments.

This is why he still carries the value of determination to this day and tries to instill the same in his employees.

Jojo’s story truly inspires and is only one of some others that have yet to be shared. Find out more about the people who make sure we have great experiences at McDonald’s.

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