Why people should aim for a balanced immune system


Posted at Jul 03 2020 12:34 PM

Most people, if not all, believe that a healthy immune system is a strong immune system because it is responsible for defending the body against certain infections; it is constantly compared to a force field or some kind of shield, defined by strength. But the truth is, a healthy immune system is defined by balance. 

A non-responsive or weak immune system makes one susceptible to infection and diseases such as cancer, while an overreactive immune system can also trigger autoimmune ailments like asthma and allergies. A well-balanced immune system is just fitting to maintain a healthy immune response.

People should then strive to have a balanced and optimally-functioning immune system to avoid being susceptible to any respiratory infections. To do so, they must practice the following healthy activities:

1.    Avoid prolonged stress but engage in short stress like exercise

Studies show that short or moderate duration of stressor can do little to no harm to the immune system while intense or severe stress can lead to poor cellular immunity. This is why everyone must then strive to avoid prolonged stress yet still engage in short stress like exercise. 

Doing physical activities such as dancing and cycling at least 30 minutes a day is a good step to support the immune system against certain infectious diseases as it can also lower the health risks that people can acquire as they get older. It can also increase rates of vaccine efficacy, reduce inappropriate inflammation, increase wound healing, and improve physical and psychosocial aspects of daily living. 

However, it must be noted that intense exercise can also weaken the immune system as it may lead to stress. People should be mindful not to overdo their activities and to have at least 7 hours of sleep per day to boost the function of their immune system.

2.    Minimize alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol intake is proven to have negative effects to the immune system and can make everyone more susceptible to diseases such as pneumonia. 

Alcohol exposure can result in an increased glucocorticoid and can suppress the immunity. It can also decrease the estrogen among women that can also impair the immune response. 

3.    Minimize highly refined foods such as white flour, white pasta and white sugar

To prevent suffering from autoimmune diseases, eating right is another good factor for doing so for it purifies the body from toxins and it helps the body's organs and tissues to work efficiently.

Maintain a healthy diet by indulging in fruits and vegetables that are rich with nutrients and steer clear of refined food such as white flour, white pasta, and white sugar that are highly processed and are stripped of their original nutrient content and fiber. Consumption of these food products equipped with highly refined ingredients can lead to decreased consumption of micronutrients and can weaken the immune maturation.

4.    Take immunomodulating supplements daily

If one is dealing with an imbalanced immune system, taking immunomodulating supplements daily can help regulate or normalize his or her immune system. Immunomodulators are substances that can take the form of medication or supplements, that help calibrate the natural response of the immune system by stimulating it when the immune cells are weakened or tempering it when it becomes overactive.

People should then look for the right immunomodulating supplement that is powered by certain nutrients such as ginseng, curcumin, vitamin C, chlorella and most effectively, CM-Glucan—a highly soluble form of beta glucan immunomodulator that regulates the immune system better than most other dietary sources. 

Daily intake of CM-Glucan, which is 100 times more soluble than beta-glucan, is medically proven to help alleviate asthma, colds, and allergic rhinitis. This natural immunomodulator may also help in battling or managing diseases and certain conditions that require expensive immunotherapies. An immunotherapy is a type of medical procedure that helps to either stimulate or suppress the patient's immune system, bringing it to a balanced state.

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