Life in planned communities


Posted at Jul 02 2021 11:59 AM

Life in a good home space is the ultimate goal when looking for house and lots. The quality of living in a location and neighborhood are important considerations when investing in real estate. 

Lamudi's 2021 first-quarter report showed how the challenges faced since 2020 placed ''having a healthy environment'' as one of the top considerations when buying a property. The environment of a home significantly affects a homebuyer's decision—whether it encourages a healthy and productive lifestyle and offers a safe living situation.

As there is an increasing need for comfort and security, finding a good home space in the country can be hard as there are many options to choose from. Lessandra, one of the globally recognized residential start-up brands, makes affordable houses and maaliwalas communities easy to own for Filipinos with its nationwide presence. The real estate developer offers its homeowners the upsides of living in a planned community.

Round-the-clock security

Lessandra homeowners live worry-free with the neighborhood's 24/7 security. Day and night entail a comfortable living experience, as the whole vicinity is secured with roving and stationary guards. CCTV cameras are placed in strategic spots within the community. The guarded gates built at the entrance complete its promise of a safe and secured day-to-day life.

Family-centric amenities

Life in planned communities 1
The Clubhouse in Lessandra communities provides a place for celebrating milestones. Photo source: Lessandra

Beyond the walls of Lessandra homes, there are recreational spaces that nurture bonds within families. These public spaces add value to each homeowner's everyday life, as there are more relaxing spots available beyond the comfort of their homes. 

The additions of a clubhouse for recreational activities and open spaces in planned communities are designed to extend homeowners' satisfaction and enjoyment of their investment. These amenities encourage a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, with the open spaces proving to be ideal given the developer's close-to-nature locations.

Peaceful living

Life in planned communities 2
Lessandra's planned communities in peaceful environments. Photo source: Lessandra

Among the advantages of living in these planned communities are their location and environment. Each community is close to progressive spots all over the country, with a balance of a close-to-nature location. This allows for a peaceful living—escaping the noises and congestion of central business districts, yet near enough for easy access to income opportunities. 

Locational convenience

These communities were planned to be strategically close to establishments that provide necessities and luxuries such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. Religious structures are also within proximity.

Locational convenience comes in the form of accessibility as each neighborhood is close to road networks and developments, making traveling great distances easy to conquer for each resident. 

Quality own spaces

The planned communities equate to quality, structured homes that are built with homeowners' ultimate comfort in mind. Financial comfort in terms of its affordability and flexible payment schemes, and physical comfort in terms of the architectural design of each house.

Options for houses are the Arielle Townhouse under the Starter Series; Criselle, Ezabelle, and Frielle Single Firewall Houses under the Angat Series; and Sienna Single Firewall House under the Step Up Series. These homes provide a maaliwalas living space and a good home experience.

Life in planned communities 3
Lessandra offers a variety of affordable house and lots. Photo source: Lessandra

As homeowners strive to look for the perfect property investment with their timely needs, Lessandra offers life in its planned communities, where every resident can live a secured and wholesome life with satisfaction and convenience every day. 

To know more about Lessandra's house and lot offerings, visit its website or Facebook page.

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