Matteo, Piolo, Enchong, Inigo talk about their financial journeys

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Posted at Jul 01 2020 11:53 AM | Updated as of Jul 01 2020 11:54 AM

Matteo, Piolo, Enchong, Inigo talk about their financial journeys 1

While it has been challenging for a lot of Filipinos to rise from the current national situation, it is important to understand why they need to continue to set and pursue their financial goals. Not only will it help them secure a better future, but it will also prepare them for unforeseen circumstances such as the one we are experiencing today. 

Life insurance company Sun Life Philippines (Sun Life) brought this topic up for discourse in its Facebook live series called Sun Talks. This is one of its initiatives for Financial Independence Month with hopes to inspire Filipinos to seek lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. 

For this year's theme, Sun Life has come up with "Rise Together to a Bright New World" to encourage everyone to pursue their financial goals despite the challenges that everyone is currently facing. 

As part of this movement, Sun Life ambassadors Matteo Guidicelli, Piolo Pascual, Enchong Dee, and Iñigo Pascual shared their financial journeys, including how they manage their money throughout this situation. Along with them were several experts from Sun Life who also shed light on important money matters and some practical financial advice. 

Those who joined the discussion and dropped relevant questions were given the chance to win an Apple Nike Watch and a Life Armor with P25,000-worth of one-year insurance coverage. 

Matteo on moving up with his own family

Matteo, Piolo, Enchong, Inigo talk about their financial journeys 2

First up on the Sun Talks series was Matteo Guidicelli who discussed moving up with a new family and managing finances as a newlywed. 

He narrated that before getting married, he was preparing for that next stage of his life, focusing only on his career and business. Now that he is settled with his wife, he is already strategizing and planning plenty of things for the future with Sun Life's help.

"Now that I am married, things are pretty comfortable but because of what happened, everything came to a halt and it was very important to strategize and to be smart on what tomorrow can bring," Guidicelli said. 

While he admitted that he and his wife are still getting the hang of marriage and trying to be accustomed to the wedded life, he said that he is still enjoying the transition. After all, being married, for him, is fun and nice as he gets to spend every single day living the dream. 

For those who are single and are planning to build a family soon, Guidicelli advised them to start investing and seek professional help as early as possible as these will help them establish a more secure tomorrow with their loved ones. 

He also shared that he still has plenty of financial goals considering that he is now building a family of his own but he is positive that he will achieve all this with Sun Life as his financial partner. Sun Life Asset Management head for Mutual Fund-Bank & Alternative Distribution GB Bautista recommends the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds to anyone who wants to invest for a future life milestone such as funds for business, child's education, or retirement. 

Piolo on caring for oneself and family

Matteo, Piolo, Enchong, Inigo talk about their financial journeys 3

Next on Sun Talks was none other than Kapamilya Superstar Piolo Pascual who shared how people can properly take care of themselves and their loved ones especially when everyone is vulnerable to getting sick. 

Sun Life Philippines Sales Training & Development Head Ged Custodia mentioned that Pascual, just like every other head of the family, needs to be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit because he is the captain of the ship—when he panics, everyone in the house panics as well. 

Good thing triathlon shaped Pascual into the fit person he is today. Even while on community quarantine, he made it a point to exercise at home as part of his self-care routine.. Seeing to it that he is physically fit is his key to staying on top of his career, health, and financial goals, all while ensuring the protection of his loved ones. 

"If I am not careful enough or if I am not taking care of myself, how can I take care of my family, right? That is why I have to always show them, just like what Sir Ged was saying, you have to stay positive, you have to keep hopeful, and you need to have something for the sake of security and prepare for it in advance," he said. 

Aside from exercising regularly and eating well, Piolo sees to it that his wellness is taken care of through SUN Fit and Well, a health insurance plan that offers benefits for critical illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

It was also discussed in this Sun Talks episode that part of taking care of the family, especially the children, is making sure that aside from providing their basic needs, parents like Pascual, also need to see to it that their kids are empowered enough so when the time comes, they know how to be practical and stand on their own. 

As an advice to those who are stuck at home, Pascual said that they should never let this situation stop them from growing and learning so that everyone can soon come out from it as better and stronger individuals. 

Enchong on preparing for emergencies

Matteo, Piolo, Enchong, Inigo talk about their financial journeys 4

On the other hand, Sun Life Health and Wellness Ambassador Enchong Dee discussed the importance of financial planning and budgeting as part of emergency preparedness. 

Dee narrated that when he was starting to earn money around 10 years ago, wondering how to improve the quality of his life has become his unconscious motivation to work more. Waiting for his money to grow since then has been his secret to the good life he has now. 

Through this lesson, he determined that building an emergency fund is indeed vital for unforeseen circumstances such as the one we have today. Even though Dee lost some of his sources of income, he has a place to withdraw funds from because he prepared and allotted money for this kind of situation. 

"Every night, I would pray na I am very thankful kasi inisip ko pala kung paano ko iha-handle yung pera ko, hindi ko akalain na ang laking bagay na naibahagi niya sakin up to this point that we are on a crisis," he said. 

As a young celebrity and entrepreneur, Dee advised that after this tough situation and when people start to earn a bit more, they should think of financial tools that will help them stay financially secured despite all the odds that come their way. One of these can be SUN Safer Life, simple and affordable insurance made especially for the first-time insurance holders and budget-conscious family breadwinners. 

Inigo on living independently

Matteo, Piolo, Enchong, Inigo talk about their financial journeys 5

Last but not the least for the Sun Talks series was Iñigo Pascual who shared how he has been keeping himself productive lately while living independently. 

Growing up in a sheltered childhood and being close to his parents ever since he admitted that it became a bit difficult for him and his family when he moved out and started to live on his own at the age of 21. 

"What pushed [me to do it] was also the fact that there were some things that I did not understand how to do and I feel like there are a lot of things in life wherein you have to experience it to learn it. Some things cannot be taught just by hearing it, some things you have to learn by experience talaga," he said. 

While his adjustment period was challenging especially that he has to pay his bills now, he was grateful that his parents taught him to handle money and plan for the future when he was young. Even when he started earning on his own at the age of 18, they were by his side to guide him in his financial journey. 

Sun Life Philippines Regional Sales Manager Val Lagarde shared that just like how parents guide and hone children growing up, there are the financial advisors who help clients plan for their future and help achieve their life milestones.

Now that he has been living on his own for a few months, Iñigo already learned how to prepare his meals every day, find peace in cleaning, and attending to his new hobby of taking care of plants. 

As final words to his fellow young adults who are already sheltering in their places, the younger Pascual said that they have to make sure that they always budget and save money for future needs, but at the same time, they also have to responsibly spend for their loved ones and themselves from time to time. 

Rising Together to a Bright New World

The financial journeys of Matteo, Piolo, Enchong, and Iñigo discussed live in the Sun Talks series paved way for a better understanding of the essence of how planning for the future can help people in challenging times. They proved that even if they are in the limelight, they still need to focus on their finances to secure a brighter tomorrow, just like what every person should do. 

For over 125 years now, Sun Life has witnessed the Filipinos prevail over numerous challenges. And even amid this current health crisis, Sun Life strongly believes that Filipinos will soon rise together to a bright new world. 

For more information and updates about Sun Life Philippines, visit its official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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