Here's how to stay refreshed, keep body odor away

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Posted at Jun 30 2021 05:00 PM

The hot and dry season makes people sweat more and this can lead to getting body odor if not taken care of. With the ongoing health crisis in the mix, one will need to find a rubbing alcohol that can multitask.

Here's how to stay refreshed, keep body odor away 1

In a country like the Philippines where it is always hot and humid, the summer months or dry season can raise temperatures to unpleasant levels, making things harder for everyone as the heat can make people feel more tired, swampy, dehydrated, and sluggish. That is why during these months, Filipinos should take extra measures to stay fresh, avoid soaking in sweat, as well as staying away from bacteria.

There are different ways to combat bacteria, as well as beat the heat during the dry season. Some of the common and usual practices that everyone can do is by taking a bath, drinking plenty of water, and washing hands regularly.

Here's how to stay refreshed, keep body odor away 2

But another unique way to beat the heat while beating bacteria is to use an alcohol that can provide protection and coolness in one.

Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Active) is a rubbing alcohol that not only helps kill 99.99% of bacteria , but also helps provide protection against body odor. This alcohol provides a cool refreshing sensation because of menthol.

Its disinfecting capability is timely as people can use it to defend themselves from bacteria. While its cooling property helps keep their body cool and refreshed especially during the dry season.

People who have an active lifestyle can use Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Active) and rub it in sweaty body parts. It assures users that it may not only be applied on their hands and armpits but also on their neck, chest, legs, and other parts prone to sweating.

Here's how to stay refreshed, keep body odor away 3

Users need not worry about irritating their skin when using this alcohol as it is made from sugarcane, making it a natural solution that does not dry the skin. It also contains active ingredients that help as body odor protection.

Most businesses, even schools and universities, have switched to online classes and workspaces. With the hot weather, this kind of set up makes it hard for everyone to be productive. The cooling effect of Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Active) can help people feel cool and comfortable working during this time.

The Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Active) formulation present in this rubbing alcohol keeps users from feeling swampy and sweaty which may cause body odor when mixed with the bacteria in our bodies.

Filipinos can now use rubbing alcohol that can not only aid them during the ongoing health crisis but also protect them from body odor while leaving a cooling and refreshing feeling.

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Ethyl Alcohol is the generic name of Casino Active.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. 

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