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Posted at Jun 30 2020 10:56 AM | Updated as of Jun 30 2020 11:17 AM

Interior designing has evolved throughout the years. While many families and organizations opt to focus on more visible spaces such as the living room and kitchen, they should not forget that the bathroom also needs as much boost as others. 

For over 140 years now, American Standard, one of the most well-known brands in sanitary ware, has led the way in constantly delivering style, quality, and reliability to its users' bathrooms. At the present, it pays homage to a modern classic design with its Kastello Collection. 

Integrating modern sensibilities and the latest in Hygiene Technologies, this collection boasts of a classic style with a modern flair, making it an epitome of timeless design and functionality. Its thoughtfully crafted and designed toilet, basin, faucet, and vanity have innovated features, allowing the users' bathroom rituals to be attended with utmost ease and grace. 

Looks like no other
The Kastello Collection flashes beauty through symmetrical curves and angles. Its design is not simply an add-on to the vista but is central to functionality and comfort, while the ergonomic lines of the faucet offer a graceful swerve which tops off the entire design, firmly placing emphasis on performance and style.

American Standard's signature elements, line and frame, are combined with the distinct design features of the collection, making it an ideal and elegant chic accompaniment to any luxurious bathroom environment.

A Line is a flexible element often used as a detail on products to highlight functionality, increase comfort, and impart a more sophisticated appearance.

Used vertically or horizontally, the Frame is employed effectively to showcase stylish innovation.

Crafted like no other
Weaving technological and sustainable features into a timeless design, the fittings collection bridges aesthetics with functionality.

  • Comfortmove - With a ceramic cartridge in the faucet, a smooth and consistent control of the water flow is ensured, delivering precision in usage.
  • Ecostart - The single lever faucet is eco-friendliness come into reality. By releasing cold water first, it prevents the boiler from heating up, resulting in 30% energy savings.
  • Durashine - The longevity of its shine is a hallmark of design excellence, adding to the aesthetic pleasure of its user.

Performs like no other
Unlike anything in its class, the toilet is beauty and brawn, all in one. The Kastello Collection boasts the best of Hygiene Technologies in power features that can provide users with convenience and peace of mind.

  • Siphonmax with Power Rim- The exceptional system of Kastello One-Piece Toilet is designed for optimal hygiene—a flush technology that performs like no other. Delivering twin torrents of water from two openings, it creates a whirlpool around the bowl while a jet of water is released from below, creating a second push action. Siphonmax effectively removes both heavy and light waste as it is coupled with water being funneled away from the bottom of the bowl that generates a powerful pull action. 
  • Armorlid with EasyLift- The use of cutting-edge material on both seat and cover assures users of enhanced durability with excellent resistance to scratch, impact, and discoloration. EasyLift is thoughtfully designed to taper off to an angle for ease of lift on the seat cover. 
  • Double Vortex- The twin water jets from the two openings create a swirl vortex to maximize flushing performance while minimizing water usage in the Kastello Close-Coupled Toilet. 
  • ComfortClean- Safety and hygiene are never compromised as ComfortClean can kill E. Coli bacteria. 
  • Aqua Ceramic- The One-Piece toilet is engineered to prevent accumulation of dirt and dark rings from forming on ceramic surface. This award-winning super hydrophilic technology never fails, as the toilet remains to be smooth and shiny like ever.

With all this combined in a single collection, American Standard continuously proves to reach new heights in bathroom standards, showcasing sanitary ware options that are packed with cutting-edge technology that are lent well to stylish yet sensible lifestyles and preferences. Surely, the Kastello Collection is at the forefront of innovation, delivering bathroom solutions that are beautiful, purposeful, and safe for everyone.

Watch how Antoine Besseyre Des Horts, Vice President of LIXIL Global Design and Consumer Experience Asia Pacific, talked about the design story behind Kastello Collection here. 

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