Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money


Posted at Jun 29 2020 05:00 PM | Updated as of Jun 29 2020 07:27 PM

Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money 1

Adults know how trust can be a hard-earned value in many transactions. Money dealings, among many others, is one that gets made or broken depending on the trust put into a deal or negotiation. Oftentimes, it is the lending industry that gets a reputation for being profit-seekers and self-serving capitalists, which is not necessarily always true — one only needs to learn what to watch out for.

A large factor that comes into play when looking for trustworthy partners is seeing through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, to ensure that they do not think only of advancing their condition and stature, but also that of the entire community's.

In the money lending business for instance, WeFund Lending Corp., has been providing charitable services towards those in need, to express the company's mission of pursuing improvement and progress in the country. Recently, the company was able to supply necessary donations to hospitals, and relief and emergency stations. Inspired by its parent company, Finvolution Group—one of the leading fintech platforms in China—WeFund helps the Filipino community by keeping frontliners safely equipped to fight against the crisis dealt with today, just as FINV has done in China.

Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money 2
Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money 3
Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money 4

''Actually, the donation was raised up by one of the Founder of our mother company—Finvolution Group (also previously known as PPDai) and our Head of Global Business, Ming Gu. In China, several months ago, people and medical systems also encountered a virus issue, and Finvolution Group did donations to the hospitals. Our founder himself, deliver the masks and protection clothes in person. At same time, we gave support to small business owners in China to overcome short-term difficulties by giving them interest free loan,'' said Elsa Song, Country Manager of WeFund Lending Corporation.

Donations and assistance were extended to the following beneficiaries: 

1. Taguig Police Station
2. ACE Medical Centre (Pateros)
3. Ospital ng Makati
4. Cardinal Santos Medical Centre
5. Parañaque Hospital
6. Ospital ng Muntinlupa
7. Dr. Paulino J Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center
8. Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Hospital
9. Perpetual Help
10. ASIAN Hospital
11. Rizal Memorial Quarantine Facility

Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money 5

Conversely, there are three very common warning signs to be wary of when planning to borrow some money. These are the following:

Advance fees

Right off the bat, look out for lenders asking for upfront payments before dispensing any cash. Most of these scenarios occur over phone offers, which is suspicious enough, to begin with. Never forget that the rule of thumb in the money lending process is that no fees must be paid until the loan money is secured.

No websites, no reviews

As the digital world penetrates the 'new normal,' it is highly improbable for any legitimate institution or organization to not put up their own website which would contain all the information a potential client may need. Additionally, if a lender does not have searchable reviews for further verification, it might be best to look for other lenders.

Unauthorized business

In the event where lenders do not have any sort of licensing, affiliation with credible and professional firms, or proof of registration in any government outfit to show, follow protocol and tag such suspicious behavior as a scam. Call it hypersensitivity if you must, but vigilance is key when finding partners to rely on, especially when it involves your hard-earned money.

Once more, trust is not a free commodity. It is earned with time, effort, and commitment. As far as money-lending in the Philippines goes, the digital landscape is showing promising potential in offering clickable microfinancing solutions for Filipinos who are in immediate need for emergency expenses or business start-ups.

JuanHand, a digital money lending service of WeFund Lending Corp., has teamed up with vendors who are able to provide advertisements in loan markets, Facebook channel, Google channels, and mobile phone channels. Motivated to fulfill the slogan, ''We lend our hand to save another Juan,'' JuanHand is about safety and credibility, paired with convenience. With a few steps, Filipinos can experience the advantages of a high loan amount, fast disbursement, and a smooth process.

Throughout the past months, WeFund's JuanHand service has been offering loans to help in people's recovery from short-term money shortage, initiatively lowering down the interest rate. What is also worth noting is that the digital product has not experienced any issues ever since its entrance in the market. Moreover, it is recognized as one of the high-ranking apps in both Google Play and iOS.

Click down below to get JuanHand for Google Play or iOS.

Red flags to watch out for when borrowing money 6

When people decide to place their trust in someone, the receiving end should be compelled to live up to such confidence and play their part well. Just as JuanHand continues to carry on its trademark of lending their hand to save another Juan, the delicate trust given by Filipinos is sure to be in steadfast hands.

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