Women's product provides luxurious new ritual

Strip Manila

Posted at Jun 28 2019 07:20 PM

Women these days may feel more freely and confidently to celebrate who they are and take care of themselves in the way they deserve – like queens. 

From luxurious spa pampering, massages, and salon treatments, there are now more choices for women to do what it takes to feel more beautiful and to achieve that balance of mind, body, and spirit to help them power through their days.

Tip-to-toe pampering has become somewhat of a must, and this includes taking care of one's intimates, too. 

TWO L(I)PS - a Singapore-based company specializing in catering to ladies' intimate hygiene needs - is now here in Manila, Philippines with groundbreaking services and products for women, starting with the Blackout Mask, available in Strip Manila branches.

Specifically, TWO L(I)PS cares for the vulva, which it says refers to the labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening. It is common to mistakenly say "vagina" when people mean vulva, it said. 

Its new range of offerings target and specifically care for intimate parts, giving it perfectly toned, and silky smooth skin, TWO L(I)PS said. 


Women's product provides luxurious new ritual 1

The tongue-in-cheek name and packaging of TWO L(I)PS is in keeping with the playful nature of Strip. 

Strip’s founder Cynthia Chua said she personally developed the formulas and the treatment to help women feel good about their bodies, allowing for a higher level of self-care. 

"Like many women, I take pride in my vulva and look after it," Chua said. "I think all women should take care of their intimates as much as they do with the skin on their faces." 

Women's product provides luxurious new ritual 2

"TWO L(I)PS is my 'gift to women...' delivered with a sense of wit and gentle humor. But, more importantly, this is my way of opening up the conversation on what it means to be an empowered female in the 21st century," she said. 

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