Nadine says this Yogurt Drink promotes loving your body

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Posted at Jun 27 2021 11:00 AM

Nadine says this Yogurt Drink promotes loving your body 1
No matter who you are or how you approach a healthy lifestyle, this yogurt drink is made for you and is Pro-EveryBODY. Photo source: Dutch Mill ProYo

Body positivity is one of the many things the next generation is very passionate and vocal about, and for good reason. 

For many years, people have been subjected to unrealistic body expectations and beauty standards. An ideal, flawless body image is often perpetuated in mainstream channels, promoting the idea that one's self-worth relies heavily on their physical appearance. Where anything that looks different is synonymous with being unattractive. This can take a toll on anybody's self-esteem.

Nadine says this Yogurt Drink promotes loving your body 2
In this body inclusivity campaign, being 'fit' is about how you feel. Photo source: Dutch Mill ProYo

As a role model to the younger generation, actress and musician Nadine Lustre is one of the prominent voices advocating for body inclusivity and loving your own body, no matter what shape or size it may be. This idea has taken center stage in the latest #ProEveryBODY campaign by Dutch Mill ProYo.

The #ProEveryBODY campaign seeks to redefine the meaning of being fit in this day and age. How being fit is no longer confined to a size zero or well-defined muscles because nowadays fit is about how you feel. Fit is also a body you love; one you can dance in and one you take good care of. 

As Lustre's preferred daily dose of pure creamy berry goodness, Dutch Mill ProYo is a yogurt drink with LIVE Lactobacillus strains along with the Triple Goodness of Fresh Milk, Fruit Juice, and Yogurt. Together with proper diet and exercise, these can support one in maintaining a healthy body by staying fit and in shape.

Nadine says this Yogurt Drink promotes loving your body 3
For Nadine Lustre, this creamy berry yogurt drink is the ultimate treat minus the guilt. Photo source: Nadine Lustre's Instagram 

Dutch Mill ProYo is Low Fat and loaded with LIVE Lactobacillus active cultures that aid digestion to keep the body in good shape. It also contains Vitamins B1 and B2 that can increase the body's energy to stay active for longer and is a good source of Calcium and Vitamin D which help support the growth of strong bones and teeth. It comes in two creamy berry flavors: Strawberry and Blueberry.

Previously only available in 7-Eleven branches, the brand has widened its distribution channels as it supports everyone who is working hard to get a body they can feel good in. Dutch Mill ProYo 400mL is now available in leading supermarkets and grocery outlets across Luzon such as SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM Savemore, Puregold, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan's Supermarket, Shopwise, Ever Supermarket, Pioneer Center, Isetann Supermarket, Emilus Mart, Hi-Top Supermart, Chuzon Supermarket, Jenra Supermarket, MiniStop. The 100mL variant continues to be available in grocery outlets and ProYo Expert Direct Sellers across the Greater Manila Area.

Nadine says this Yogurt Drink promotes loving your body 4
Nadine beats the heat by cooling down with her favorite healthy berry yogurt drink. Photo sources: Nadine Lustre's Instagram and Dutch Mill ProYo

No matter how you approach health and fitness, Dutch Mill ProYo supports everybody's journey. It also makes it easier for individuals of all shapes and sizes to enjoy living healthy with its creamy berry goodness packed with benefits that help you stay fit and in shape. And as Lustre said, it is 'the ultimate treat minus the guilt.'

To learn more about Dutch Mill ProYo, visit its website or follow its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channel. #ProEveryBODY

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