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Posted at Jun 20 2022 02:10 PM

Photo source: Pexels [LINK OUT 'Pexels':
Photo source: Pexels

While restrictions have eased and more people are venturing out of their homes and into malls, it is undeniable that online shopping is here to stay. The health crisis showed Filipinos the convenience and safety that online shopping has to offer, along with promos, free shipping, and double-digit sales available on e-commerce platforms. 

This environment is a good opportunity for aspiring business owners to finally make their mark. Digital commerce allows one to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions even without a sizable capital or a physical store when they can simply take their business online. 

No website? No problem, as there are platforms such as Lazada that provides help and resources to new sellers to enable them to set up their shop and start selling immediately. It is easy to sign up; even inexperienced entrepreneurs will not have a hard time starting or scaling their online business. It also allows sellers to manage their online sales on the platform while offering continuous seller support and a variety of seller features. 

As one of the leading online shopping destinations in Southeast Asia, sellers get a substantial amount of traffic and promotions on Lazada. With these, opportunities abound for sellers to further grow and expand what they started.

Just take these successful online sellers as an example. 

1. Gabby Recto of Ready for Great Business

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Photo source: Ready for Great Business

Photo source: Ready for Great Business

Photo source: Ready for Great Business

Photo source: Ready for Great Business

Gabby Recto is one of those people born to be an entrepreneur. He has been dabbling in commerce since he was in college and has experience in real estate and even vlogging. In 2020, he was inspired by a KDrama to pursue buying and selling Korean goods and grocery items. After selling for a few weeks, he decided to scale up the business by joining Lazada.

Further aiding his entrepreneurship journey, Gabby discovered Lazada University, the brand's online learning platform. It gave him access to engaging training sessions and modules that taught him how to grow his business, along with other useful tips. Through this, he was encouraged to join the various promotions and campaigns the platform holds regularly and was able to boost his sales, even earning five digits on a weekly basis. 

Recto was able to invest in other ventures and even purchase an apartment of his own, thanks to his thriving online business. 

2. Sam Chua of PC Central

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Photo source: PC Central

Photo source: PC Central

Photo source: PC Central

Like Gabby, Sam Chua already had a business in place before entering Lazada. He and his friend discovered a lack in the market where gamers such as themselves have a hard time sourcing parts to upgrade their computers. They soon started building computers and selling parts online. 

Photo source: PC Central
Photo source: PC Central

When they were ready to go further, they signed up for the e-commerce platform in order to reach more customers across the country as the platform also offers their customers a variety of secure payment and convenient nationwide delivery options. With payment solutions such as credit and debit cards, eWallets, Lazada Wallet, Cash on Delivery, and LazPayLater, their products became more accessible to buyers looking to purchase with a peace of mind.

With the success of PC Central, Chua was able to pursue his dream of being a full-time entrepreneur. The computer business now has a physical store. 

3. Catherine Bernardo of Simple Fashion by Catherine

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Photo source: Simple Fashion by Catherine

Photo source: Simple Fashion by Catherine

Photo source: Simple Fashion by Catherine

For Catherine Bernardo, beading was a creative outlet, something she does as a passion project when she is not busy with her full-time job. She initially sold a few bracelets to her officemates until her sibling suggested that she sell them online as well. 

In June 2019, Simple Fashion by Catherine was opened in Lazada. It is a go-to shop for handmade, unique bracelets made from colorful stone beads. Despite starting as a small business, Bernardo's products always reached her customers on time, no matter where they are in the Philippines, with the help of Lazada's integrated logistics network which consists of advanced hubs, warehouses, and fulfillment and sortation centers. She no longer has to worry about the logistics of delivery and can focus more on her craft. 

Photo source: Simple Fashion by Catherine
Catherine Bernardo was inspired to start her beading business after a trip to Quiapo where a bracelet shop vendor gave her the idea to buy beads and make her own bracelets. Photo source: Simple Fashion by Catherine Facebook page

Since starting the business and its subsequent growth on the platform, now with over 5,000 followers, Bernardo was able to support her youngest sibling's education. When the health crisis hit in 2020, sales from her online shop remained steady and she was able to contribute to her family's daily expenses. 

4. Jancy Uychiat of Lavada 

Ever heard of a laundry shop on an e-commerce platform? It might seem a bit unlikely, but for Jancy Uychiat and Lavada, joining the platform as its first laundry shop in 2019 offered an alternative and convenient way to service their customers. 

It all started in 2018 when Filipino-American Uychiat returned to the Philippines eager to start his own business. He decided to elevate the image of laundry shops here, taking inspiration from how Western countries do it. He set up Lavada, a self-service and full-service laundry café with high-speed WiFi and electrical sockets. Customers can do more than just their laundry; they can have coffee, catch up on some work, or browse the internet while waiting. 

By joining Lazada, customers of Lavada can purchase laundry sessions according to their preferences. The nearest store to their location can pick up the laundry, and customers can also choose to use their purchased service themselves at the laundry café. Lavada is also able to take advantage of Lazada's marketing and promotion tools to create additional promos. Uychiat has vouchers, sponsored solutions, Flash Sale, and Laz Live in his arsenal, and he can use any of them to entice more buyers to check out their service. 

Today, Lavada is in 13 locations across the metro with plans to open more branches nationwide. 

Even laundry can be added to cart these days. Photo source: Lavada Instagram page [LINK OUT 'Instagram page':
Even laundry can be added to cart these days. Photo source: Lavada Instagram page

5. Bernadeth and Michelle Oliveros of MBO Medical Equipment and Supplies

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Photo source: MBO Medical Equipment and Supplies

Photo source: MBO Medical Equipment and Supplies

Photo source: MBO Medical Equipment and Supplies

When it comes to a career, age is often just a number. There have been extremely young entrepreneurs who started earning millions before the age of 25. At the same time, there are those who have started a business in the latter part of their life and still found great success. Bernadeth Oliveros belongs to the latter. 

She has enjoyed a flourishing career for over 50 years, working her way up the corporate ladder from accountant to the company's Chief Financial Officer. But after being an office worker for so long, Oliveros wanted to try something different; a way to save up for retirement while working from home. 

In 2017, she set up MBO Medical Equipment and Supplies after seeing an opportunity to sell medical supplies to the clinics and hospitals in her hometown of Antipolo, Rizal. However, after a year of doing business, sales remained low. Door-to-door marketing was not working out for her. Then, her friends encouraged her to start selling online. She opened up a Lazada store in 2018 which her daughter, Michelle, managed. 

Upon joining Lazada, their earnings increasing gradually, while getting more control over their time as the platform allowed the mother-daughter duo to manage their sales in one place and have seller support throughout the journey, all in the comfort of their home. What is more, they get help in reaching out to customers and making sure their concerns are always heard with the Lazada Chat Support function.

As the online store grew in popularity, Bernadeth was able to set up a brick-and-mortar in downtown Antipolo. Today, Michelle manages all operations, including their Lazada store, in honor of her late mother. 

These are just some of the success stories of sellers who have started and grown their businesses on the platform, be it setting up an online store to supplement an existing business, or to start a new one. 

Opportunities are endless for aspiring business owners, and Lazada and its array of seller features promise to help make that dream come true for anyone. 

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