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Posted at Jun 11 2021 12:29 PM | Updated as of Jun 11 2021 12:30 PM

Everything in the world today makes parenting extra challenging as fears for their family's safety and financial situation become more and more common. 

Despite all these in the equation, for celebrity couple Chito and Neri Miranda, nothing is too difficult when they are a Pamilyang may Laban.

"We do not focus on our losses; we focus on what we have and make it stronger," said Chito. "We really took it all in stride. It also hit us, but what we did was we made the best out of it. We were able to spend time with each other as a family."

Like most Filipino families, Chito and Neri encountered their fair share of challenges and hardships that they faced head-on. This health crisis is no different as they work together to raise their son, Miggy. 

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Raising a Batang may Laban Today

One of the biggest challenges they have to face is raising a child in this current situation.

At four years old, Miggy Miranda is mature and independent for his age. He can read, write, count numbers, and understand a variety of concepts. He loves playing outdoors, biking, gardening, and swimming. He also has a wide imagination and is creative with his storytelling. He wants to explore and do more and he is able to do so now that he is four years old. 

''Paniniwala ko na responsibility din namin as parents na gawin si Miggy na aside from smart, funny, and loving, kailangan turuan maging strong para equipped siya with anything that happens,'' Chito shared. ''So what I did with Miggy is I made sure na handa siya for everything.''
[Aside from helping Miggy become smart, funny, and loving, I believe that it is our responsibility as parents to also teach him to be strong so he is equipped for anything that happens. So what I did with Miggy is I made sure that he is prepared for everything.]

"And sobrang proud mommy ako kasi hindi ako nahirapan kay Miggy," Neri said. 
[I am very proud of Miggy because he is not a difficult child.]

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But because he is growing up, he wants to do more and his parents need to keep up with his boundless energy. They constantly need to find ways to keep him active while making his experiences well-rounded, all without resorting to digital gadgets. There is also the health crisis to consider as it limits where everyone can go. 

"It is very taxing because he is just 4 years old and we do not have a helper, so we need to be hands-on," Chito shared. "You are constantly trying to find ways na ma-stimulate 'yung utak and at the same time mag-enjoy siya physically." 
[You are constantly trying to find ways to stimulate his mind while making sure he enjoys the activity.]

Support for Miggy's Growth 

Knowing that Miggy is continuously growing and will need all the support he can get, Chito and Neri work hard to give what is best for their son. 

That is why they trust Bonakid Pre-School 3+ for Miggy's ''big boy milk.''

Bonakid Pre-School 3+ is specially formulated to help support the nutritional needs of children three years old and above. It has five major nucleotides plus immunity support nutrients (Zinc, Carotenes, Vitamin C), growth support nutrients (Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D), and energy support nutrients (Vitamins B12, B1, B2, B3, B6).

Together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, Bonakid Preschool 3+ with all its support nutrients help a child grow up to have Laban ng Katawan.

"Sobrang kumpleto na 'yung Bonakid Preschool 3+," said Neri. It also helps that Miggy really likes the taste as the flavor is just right. 

Especially since Laban ng Katawan is essential for the Miranda family, they believe that Bonakid Preschool 3+ can keep up and support Miggy's development. 

"It helps to make Miggy as healthy as possible. Lahat talaga mina-maximize namin, lahat ng puwedeng gawin to maximize his physical and mental development,'' said Chito.
[We really do everything we can to maximize his physical and mental development.]

Chito and Neri Miranda on Wais Parenting 3

Parenting Tips from Chito and Neri

For families who want their kids to grow up with Laban ng Katawan, Chito and Neri have this to say. 

"Bilang first-time parents, hindi kami experts sa parenting pero talagang nakita namin na hindi porket parents tayo, tayo 'yung tama or masusunod. So we should validate 'yung emotions or 'yung feelings ng mga kids," Neri advised. "It is our responsibility as parents to explain and to listen sa sasabihin ng bata."
[As first-time parents, we are not experts in parenting but we saw that just because we are the parents it does not mean we are always right. So we should validate the emotions or feelings of our kids. It is our responsibility as parents to explain and to listen to what they have to say.]

Chito adds that he teaches Miggy to have grit so that he is equipped to deal with anything, and part of this is making sure he maximizes his time playing outdoors instead of being cooped up inside with a gadget. They also try to encourage whatever activities he shows interest in like painting or cooking.

''I want him to get dirty, meaning sige laro ka lang diyan because it builds up his immune system. Hindi nagiging maselan. Maaga ko siyang in-introduce sa food na hindi normally pinapakain sa kids, from taho to balut to vegetables. Ayoko talaga siyang gawing maselan,'' said Chito. ''And it makes his body more equipped to do physical stuff. And kasama doon 'yung character na hindi siya takot i-try 'to.'' 
[I want him to get dirty, meaning we encourage him to play outdoors because it builds up his immune system and prevents him from being sensitive. Early on, I introduced Miggy to food not commonly given to kids like taho, balut, and vegetables. I do not want him to be too sensitive. And it makes his body more equipped to do physical stuff. That includes his fearlessness to try new things.]

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All these tips can help in raising a Batang may Laban like Miggy who is not only healthy but an adventurous achiever that is full of grit and ready to take on the world – truly, a Batang may Laban.

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