How do you guard your health and finances?


Posted at Jun 06 2023 01:49 PM

Photo source: Manulife Philippines website
Photo source: Manulife Philippines website

The recent years have taught people the value of good health. 

In a recent Manulife Asia Care study, it was found that, among the Filipinos surveyed, there is a growing concern about health longevity – or the period of time people think they will be able to remain in good health. The study also found that people consider the financial costs of critical illnesses as their top health-related cause of anxiety (49%), followed by loss of income or job (37%), and not knowing who will take care of them (26%) in the event of an illness. 

Understanding these concerns, one of the leading global financial services providers is venturing beyond simply helping Filipinos take care of their wealth and making their lives better, by guarding their health and protecting their future.

Transform into health and financial guardians

While a lot of things in the universe are beyond our control, much like in the highly acclaimed film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it takes courage to shape our future as it lies in our own hands. 

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Guard your health with Manulife Philippines. Video source: Manulife Philippines YouTube Channel

Did you know that the illnesses that Filipinos are most concerned about are those whose treatments are viewed as the most expensive - like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer? However, with this perspective, only 59% have insurance that can protect them from significant financial pain. This is the lowest among the markets surveyed in the Asia Care study, well below the regional average of 70%. 

To engage Filipinos to address this health protection gap, Manulife Philippines enables them to amplify their ability to guard and secure their health and financial future for their families. Find out how you can start guarding your health against uncertainties and critical illnesses.

Manulife draws attention to how Filipinos can manage their health with exercise, proper diet, regular body checks, and closer self-monitoring, as well as ways they may reduce the risk of healthcare costs burdening their families in the future. By exploring various insurance solutions that suit their needs, goals, and budgets the best, they may take ownership of their health and their future. 

"By offering Filipinos comprehensive and affordable insurance solutions that can help protect themselves and their families from the financial impact of critical illness, we can help transform them into guardians of both physical and financial health," shares Melissa Henson, Chief Marketing Officer, Manulife Philippines.

Be a wellness maker today and take a step closer to your health goals and achieve financial peace of mind.

To know more about Manulife Philippines' services and products offered, and how to be a guardian of your health, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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